New Organization Helps Mark The Path for Children Coming of Age


Startup putting a modern spin on the time-honored human tradition of coming-of-age rituals.

Marca Via, meaning mark the path in Latin, launches with the mission to inspire and support families in creating meaningful and impactful coming-of-age events for teenagers as they begin the process of transitioning to adulthood. The organization provides a free guidebook and online tools that help families and communities create their own unique events following the simple Marca Via approach.

“In many cultures throughout human history and around the globe, communities have come together to support the process of growing up with a significant coming-of-age event for their youth,” says Marca Via’s Managing Founder, Laura Fritz. “But in the U.S. many children never get to experience a coming-of-age event that helps convey wisdom and set them on their path to adulthood. We believe our youth would greatly benefit from such an experience and we’re passionate about sparking a movement to create a uniquely American approach to this critical transition in a child’s life.”

The Marca Via approach for creating a meaningful coming-of-age event brings together community to share lessons, activities, wisdom and symbolic ritual in order to help emerging adults prepare for a new phase of life. Their tools and approach are completely customizable so that anyone can create a momentous event that reflects the ideas, values and lessons that are important to the celebrated individual, their family and the greater community.

“Helping children grow into successful, well-adjusted, and self-sufficient adults is a challenging job and perhaps the most important one a parent has,” says Co-Founder Ron Fritz. “Parents and families need all the parenting tools available to help their children grow into successful, independent and resilient adults. A meaningful Marca Via event that supports the lessons we teach to our children is another important tool in any parenting tool box.”


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