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Crooked teeth beware!  The Brace Place – Central Oregon Orthodontic Specialists has found a part-time outpost here in Sisters and recently introduced themselves to the local community at an open house event.

Doctors Vincent Quas, DDS, David Kang, DMD and Neil Wiater, DMD are excited to expand the practice and include Sisters as part of their network already operating in Bend, Redmond, Prineville and La Pine.  They will be sharing office space on Fridays only, every 4-6 weeks, with Dr. Ben Crockett and Sisters Dental in their downtown location at 410 E. Cascade Avenue.

“We’re here in Sisters to make it convenient so patients don’t have to make the drive to Bend or Redmond for treatment,” said Quas, who has been practicing over 40 years.  ”There’s three doctors here now to explain things and give people that extra time and attention.   This is one of our favorite places and just didn’t have the staffing to make it happen earlier.”

“30 percent of our practice is adults and we can help change most alignment issues.  Braces are just tooth moving appliances.  Years ago, braces were harsh steel bands that went around the teeth.  Today, brackets adhere directly to the tooth and come in standard metal or tooth-colored porcelain.  For less complicated cases, there are small, vacuum form retainers that fit over your teeth called Invisilign braces.  And another type, Lingual or tongue-side braces, adhere to the inside wall of the tooth.”

Dr. David Kang sees themselves as much more than teeth straighteners.

“Improving someone’s self-esteem and image is what we strive for as well, ” he said.  ”It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession.   We want to extend our thanks to Dr. Crockett who provided the facilities to accomplish this new office and be able to serve the community.”

Complimentary orthodontic examinations are now being offered by The Brace Place and they wish for anyone with questions about braces and tooth alignment to come in or call for an appointment and review their monthly Sisters schedule.

“Our treatments are tailored to the individual and private consultations are always free to discuss the possibilities of obtaining a great smile,” said Kang.

“There’s some orthodontists who have a “one treatment fits all” approach to their patient’s care,” explained Quas.  ”We provide multiple disciplines and options, different types of braces for children, teens, adults and seniors.  We’re all like thumbprints and each require alternate treatments and time.  There’s a certain way the teeth need to fit together in the mouth, for chewing, for comfort, to match the jaw joint, and it’s different for every person.  Anything that varies from that creates problems that only increase with age.”

Shanda Finley, communications director for The Brace Place reminds everyone that they are a preferred provider of Invisilign braces and also the latest Incognito “behind-the-teeth” braces, being the only practice in Central Oregon currently offering them.
“We look for patient balance,” she said.  ”It’s not just all about the teeth.”

“99 percent of our people come in because of their smile,” said Quas.  ”But it involves so much more than that.   Facial balance and a tailored approach is vital – jaw pain, proper digestion, it all factors in.  There’s never a cost in our office to determine what obstacles are present and to explore the possibilities of a beautiful smile.”

Dr. Neil Wiater has received many calls and concerns from parents about their kids getting hurt on bikes, in school sports or rodeo accidents.

“Since we focus primarily on prevention, The Brace Place offers free mouth guards to anyone who asks,” he said.  ”They don’t even have to be a patient here, they can just walk in and get a custom-fitted guard.  We actually take an impression of the teeth and create it right here in the office.   And they’re for all ages, not just kids, whatever your sport or activity.  Your teeth are one of your most important assets to good health.”

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