Masters of Dentistry Expands Practice


Tad Hodgert’s Masters of Dentistry recently announced that Dr. Andy Himsworth opened his family dental practice in the NorthWest Crossing at Masters of Dentistry.  Dr. Himsworth’s practice returns to Bend after a seven year hiatus.  

The general dentist focuses his practice to care for patients with complex bite problems, complex esthetic conditions and TMJ (jaw) problems.  Dr. Himsworth accepts patients and families of all ages and offers evening appointments. 

 Those who know him have come to expect personalized care based on active listening and relevance to client concerns.  

Hodgert’s Masters of Dentistry is a unique dental boutique.

Masters, whether athletes, artists, even dentists, are those with years of experience who are still striving to improve their art explains Hodgert. 

“Our team averages over 30 years experience each. We focus on one client at a time; holistic concerns (mercury free for over 30 years); and restoring youthful health, function, and beauty to the mouth as a singular functioning system,” said Hodgert.

Masters of Dentistry and Dr. Himsworth’s practice is located near Summit High School at Masters of Dentistry, 628 York Drive, Suite 101.  541-389-2300.


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