A down economy forces businesses to be money-conscious, efficient and resourceful. Our company, ProCFO is a Bend-based CPA firm that provides a unique concept to help local businesses thrive and make the most of their resources.

ProCFO is focused on complete financial outsourcing solutions for businesses. Since 2007, we’ve helped our clients manage every aspect of their financial operations, saving them time and money and helping them have a clear vision of their finances. We focus on three main aspects of service: 1. Affordable accounting services, 2. Proactive cash management and 3. Strategic solutions.

Most CPA firms focus on taxes and audits; we are more focused on the overall financial needs of a business. While other firms focus on one-time events, we focus on the ongoing financial operations of each business we serve.  


How has your business been impacted by the economic downturn?

Death and taxes are two guarantees in life, and since everyone needs tax services and accounting, we have fortunately had stable work. At the same time though, the downturn has challenged us to clearly demonstrate the value in our financial outsourcing services. During the boom, financial mistakes were not as costly as they are now when everyone is so focused on cash flow. Our value really comes into play when we show prospective clients that we can not only reduce the amount of taxes they pay, we can help them operate more efficiently and give them a vision of where their business can go financially.

How have you reinvented yourselves to stay in business?

We really reinvented ourselves even before the recession, especially since we had a good idea that the boom wouldn’t last forever. We grew from the traditional model of taxes and auditing to providing important services that provide value to our clients throughout the year.

In 2012, ProCFO purchased another successful firm to expand in Central Oregon, added staff and moved to a larger location in the NW Crossing and Redmond areas to better serve our clients.

What are your goals going forward in our present economic climate?

We have been able to save our clients a lot of time and money to help them grow. We’re committed to continuing to ensure that every one of our clients receives value through accurate accounting, cash flow management and strategic planning.

What have been the keys to your continued success?

Getting tangible results for our clients and giving them the guidance they need to feel financial peace of mind has been huge. Our strategic planning has also been key because most businesses are looking for ways to get ahead and stay ahead of their competition. Having ProCFO has been a key to THEIR success, and that is ultimately how we define ours.

ProCFO. 780 NW York Drive, Bend. 541- 728-0444.


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