City of Redmond Strategic Plan – Redmond Development Commission Public Hearing – Thursday, December 15, 2011


The City of Redmond Development Commission (RDC) will conduct a public hearing meeting to discuss the draft Goals, Strategies and Action Items being developed as part of the City of Redmond Strategic Plan. All citizens are invited and encouraged to attend this hearing to voice their ideas about the Draft Strategic Plan and the Strategic Planning Process.


In 2009 the Redmond City Council created the RDC to undertake the task of developing a Strategic Plan in order to respond to community growth projections, and to improve the economy and create needed jobs for Redmond. While ultimately focused on job creation, the RDC has worked toward improving employment opportunities by developing a draft Strategic Plan that does not only seek company recruitment and direct job development, but by ensuring that Redmond is an attractive community for businesses, employees, and families. The strategy includes the following components:

  1. Targeting emerging employment sectors that generate commercial or industrial jobs
  2. Expanding learning opportunities
  3. Strengthening the health and livability of the community
  4. Building a sustainable community infrastructure
  5. Encouraging regional planning, cooperation and participation in the pursuit of economic development strategies.

In order to be effective and achieve the City Council direction to develop a Strategic Plan that is responsive to community needs, the Strategic Planning process necessitates community involvement and public input. At the public hearing, the initial public review draft of the Goal, Strategy and Action Item portion of the Strategic Plan will be available for review, along with opportunities to voice your ideas to the RDC members about the Plan development, the opportunity for continued participation in the process, and future implementation of the Plan. Please attend and help in this endeavor.


Contact:           James J. Lewis. Senior Planner, City of Redmond

Phone:             541-923-7724

Fax:                  541-548-0706




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