Close of Session Brings Fiscal, Economic Victories for Telfer


Senator Chris Telfer (R-Bend) wrestled several important successes from Oregon’s first annual session. Among her accomplishments are two substantial job-creating bills and a fiscally responsible budget agreement that controls state spending.

“I’m proud of what we were able to get done for Central Oregon,” said Telfer. “We took a short session and made the most of it. With what were able to achieve, a lot of unemployed Oregonians will be able to get back to work. Just as importantly, we brought some fiscal responsibility back to the budget process, stopping proposals for increased taxes and fees.”

Telfer sponsored and passed Senate Bill 1544, which ensures that one of the most valuable industrial lands in the state is ready for development. With this bill, new employers will have a ready-made location in Redmond to create jobs.

Senate Bill 1558, which is awaiting a signature from the Governor, would provide opportunities for companies to utilize a portion of the proceeds of an Industrial Revenue Bond, for working capital and research and development, in addition to current use for real estate and equipment.

“I believe these bills will directly result in new jobs, in our part of the state,” said Telfer. “These are big wins for Central Oregon.”

Telfer also continued her role as a fierce advocate for budget transparency and accountability. She led an effort to expose mysteriously veiled “other fund” revenues, where billions of taxpayer resources are hidden away with little oversight.

Telfer also fought to end runaway state spending and successfully lobbied against new taxes and fees increases. She helped kill proposals for increased regulation and reduced the number of state employees for the first time in recent memory, including real cuts to expensive and redundant positions in middle management.

“For too long, Oregon’s fiscal house has been in disarray,” said Telfer. “This cycle, we are taking some big strides toward remedying that by ending the tax-and-spend mentality of Salem. I believe I have helped contribute to a more prudent and responsible approach to the state’s finances, one that leaves taxpayer’s hard earned paychecks with taxpayers.”

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