Deschutes District Attorney Responds to Closed Investigation


Investigation of Deschutes County District Attorney Patrick Flaherty Determines that No Crime of Official Misconduct Occurred

Washington County District Attorney Bob Herman was asked by the state attorney general to conduct an investigation as to whether or not Deschutes County DA Patrick Flaherty committed the crime of Official Misconduct in presenting evidence to a Deschutes County Grand Jury regarding the conduct of Deschutes County Counsel Mark Pilliod.

Herman’s office has determined that no crime occurred and that any other allegations of criminal conduct against Flaherty were based on unsubstantiated rumors or otherwise determined to be frivolous by the Oregon State Police during their investigation.

Flaherty responds to the report:

“The past four months my office has been under investigation by the Oregon State Police. Acting on the directive of the Attorney General, the Washington County District Attorney conducted an independent review of the OSP investigation and arrived at the same conclusion my office did over a year ago: the grand jury investigation of county counsel was reasonable, lawful and justified by the evidence.

In this time of diminishing public safety resources, the amount of time and taxpayer money spent at the state and local level reviewing whether or not it was appropriate for the District Attorney to investigate criminal conduct is disappointing.

This investigation was triggered by false allegations and encouraged by those who are driven by politics or their own agendas, rather than the principles that guide the DA’s Office: truth and justice. When county public servants are not properly supervised and allowed to abuse their position, the public should hold the county responsible. I leave it to county administration to address the issues identified by the investigation.

I and the exceptional group of prosecutors and support staff that work in the DA’s Office will continue to do what you expect us to do – promote public safety and pursue justice for the people of Deschutes County.”


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