Bend Chamber Pledges $50,000 towards OSU-Cascades Expansion Develops 50/50 Match Program for Further Member Pledges


The Bend Chamber Board of Directors unanimously approved a decision to pledge $50,000 towards the OSU-Cascades Expansion project. The Chamber will also hold a fundraising drive through its 50/50 Match Program to allow other businesses to contribute to the project.

Currently, OSU-Cascades is seeking contributions starting at $25,000. This level is too high for many businesses in the community. With the 50/50 Match program, the Chamber will act as a pass-through for businesses to donate towards the expansion project. For every dollar businesses donate, the Chamber will match the amount up to $50,000.

“The Bend Chamber firmly stands behind bringing a four year university to Bend and what it can do for not only the local economy, but the community in the long run,” said Tim Casey, Executive Director. “We are offering our 50/50 Match Program as a way for other businesses in the community to be engaged in this process. Whether they can contribute $100 or $5,000, the Chamber will match these donations.”

In total, with the initial $50,000 pledge and the 50/50 Match Program, the combined efforts will provide $150,000 for the project.

“The community recognized the need for OSU-Cascades when it was on the chopping block a few years ago,” said Casey. “Now is the time for us to come together again and show our support for this expansion project.”


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