License Your Dog and Save a Hefty Fine


Did you know it is a Deschutes County and State of Oregon requirement that all dogs that have permanent canine teeth or are six months old, whichever comes first, are required to be licensed?

A violation of the County Code can set dog owners back $287 for each dog that is not licensed.

A dog license is affordable ($12 for spayed or neutered dogs, and $27 for a dog that has not been altered) and gives dog owners peace of mind-dog licensing improves the chance that a lost pet will be reunited with its owner.

Licensing your dogs also make for a safer community. Before a license can be issued to a dog owner, there is a requirement that the dog has received a rabies vaccination.

Other benefits of dog licensing are:

1)    A license tells everyone that your pet is not a homeless stray and that the owner cares enough to register the pet legally. Your dog is less likely to be taken to the local humane society.

2)    A portion of dog licensing fees is distributed to either the Central Oregon or Redmond Humane Societies, depending on where you live.

3) Dog licensing is the law. Under Oregon Statute 609.100 and Deschutes County Code, all dogs in Deschutes County that meet the age requirement must be licensed. A violation of the law could cost you anywhere from $250 to $372 per unlicensed dog.

Seven local veterinarians (below), Central Oregon and Redmond Humane Societies, and the Deschutes County Finance Office (1300 NW Wall St. in Bend, Second Floor) can sell you dog licenses.

Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic                    Companion Pet Clinic of Bend

2630 S. Canal                                                  3197 N. Hwy 97, A-1

Redmond, OR 97756                                                 Bend, OR 97701

Deschutes Veterinary Clinic                       La Paw Animal Hospital

25 NW Olney Ave                                           1288 SW Simpson Ave

Bend, OR 97701                                             Bend, OR 97702

Blue Sky Vet Clinic                           Bend Spay & Neuter Project

20205 Powers Rd                               910 SE Wilson Ave, Suite B1

Bend, OR 97702                                 Bend, OR 97702

Bend Veterinary Clinic

360 NE Quimby Ave

Bend OR 97701

For more information about licensing your dog(s) in Deschutes County, call 541-388-6637 or


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