BendFilm Shows Off New Concept Independent WOMEN for Independent Film


BendFilm Shows Off New Concept 

Independent WOMEN for Independent Film

BendFilm has garnered a clever way to sponsor its film awards spearheaded by Pamela Hulse Andrews, CEO/Founder of Cascade Publications Inc. Andrews had a goal of financing a couple of awards with $100 each from some of her friends, but once she created the Inde Women for Indie Film concept the idea went viral and now there’s 70 women onboard!

BendFilm Director, Orit Schwartz, recently told Andrews that she didn’t have funding for several of the festival’s $1,000 awards including Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Documentary. That got Andrews’ creative juices flowing.

Andrews said, “I told Orit that I thought I could create an impromptu group we could call ‘Independent WOMEN for Independent Film’ by recruiting 10 of my women friends to each pitch in $100 and sponsor the Best Director award.”

10 emails and 15 minutes later she did just that, and more; she got commitments from 22 women, for an early total of $2,200.

But Andrews didn’t stop there. She encouraged the women on her list to forward the request to their circles of friends.

One of those women, Rebecca Charlton, owner of Cowgirl Cash in Bend, drew on her network of customers and friends to add to the list saying, “This goes to show what an incredible group of women we have right here, willing to step up for such an excellent festival.”

The list of women who’ve committed $100 now numbers 70, and the current tally is $7,000.

“I’m thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from women in our community in support of BendFilm,” said Andrews, who is in the process of designing some cool buttons for those who donate to wear. She continued, “It’s key right now to preserve, enhance and protect this important festival and all that it brings to Bend. With such limited resources BendFilm really needs our help now and this is one small way we can join forces and assist.”

Those who wish to contribute $100 to this campaign should make their check payable to BendFIlm, write “Indie WOMAN” on the memo line and mail it to 404 NE Norton Ave., Bend, OR 97701.

Schwartz said, “Thank you to Pamela, whose brainchild has given us a much-needed boost at a critical time, and to all the women who have jumped in to participate in this campaign. We are humbled by the outpouring of support and have immense gratitude for everyone who’s part of this effort.”

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of BendFilm and Andrews hopes that this concept will grow into something even bigger for a celebration year.

See below for current list of contributors.

About BendFilm

BendFilm is a non-profit group inspired by the opportunity to open doors for artists and to cast Bend, Oregon as the cultural and economic beneficiary. The BendFilm Festival runs every October in downtown Bend, Oregon at the historic Tower Theatre, McMenamins, Regal Cinemas, The Oxford Hotel, Sisters Movie House and new this year the Cascades Theatrical Company and Tin Pan Theater. Plan now to attend October 11-14, 2012 for a long weekend of films, lectures and parties as filmmakers compete for cash awards in Bend’s charismatic setting of mountains, rivers and screaming blue skies. Follow us on Facebook.

BendFilm Info:

Address: 2748 NW Crossing Drive, Bend, OR 97701.

call 541.388.FEST, email or visit

  1. Karen Anderson
  2. Pamela Hulse Andrews
  3. Heidi Berkman
  4. Becky Breeze
  5. Sandy Brooke
  6. Ann Bullwinkel
  7. Karen Cammack
  8. Judy Campbell
  9. Patricia Carlson
  10. Sue Carrington
  11. Rebecca Charlton
  12. Pat Clark
  13. Tiffany Clark
  14. Debbie Cole
  15. Jamie Danek
  16. Beth Davies
  17. Kathy Deggendorfer
  18. Carolyn Dietz
  19. Lisa Dobey
  20. Stacey Dodson
  21. Colleen Dougherty
  22. Norma DuBois
  23. Andie Edmonds
  24. Ann Golden Eglé
  25. JoAnn Engel
  26. Lori Fletcher
  27. Molly Foerster
  28. Amy Fratzke
  29. Noelle Fredland
  30. Polly Gervais
  31. Melanie Grandjackques
  32. Julie Gregory
  33. Kathy Grim
  34. Margi Heater
  35. Kirsten Heinz
  36. Sue Hollern
  37. Alana Hughson
  38. Carolyn Koenig
  39. Josie Juhasz
  40. Terry Kemple
  41. Sharon ‘Shay’ Knorr
  42. Carol Kozmor
  43. Cristy Lanfri
  44. Gwenn McGill
  45. René Mitchell
  46. Romy Mortensen
  47. Martha Murray
  48. Stacey Nyman
  49. Sherry Ortega
  50. Gitta Ramsay
  51. Virginia Ross
  52. Cassondra Schindler
  53. Chris Schroeder
  54. Orit Schwartz
  55. Amanda Stuermer
  56. Courtney Souther
  57. Susie Stevens
  58. Joanne Sunnarborg
  59. Lesley Truman
  60. Billye Turner
  61. Amy Tykeson
  62. Alicia Vickery
  63. Jody Ward
  64. Patricia West-Del Ruth
  65. Karen Wolfe
  66. Kirsti Wolfe
  67. Laurie Woolery
  68. Anonymous

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