Governor Kitzhaber Releases Final 10-Year Energy Action Plan for Oregon


State to meet demand with energy efficiency, renewable energy and improved infrastructure and transportation

Governor Kitzhaber yesterday released a 10-Year Energy Action Plan that protects Oregon consumers and ensures energy investments made today will strengthen the economy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Oregonians spend approximately $14 billion on energy each year, and most of that money leaves the state. The comprehensive plan outlines strategies to meet energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, and transportation objectives, with strategies that help to create investment opportunities to keep more capital circulating in Oregon.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to build a more competitive and resilient economy while improving the health of the environment,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “Oregon is consistently ranked as one of the most energy efficient states in the country. This plan builds on that leadership and boosts home-grown renewable energy, clean energy infrastructure, and Oregon companies.”

The plan presents three core strategies where the state can play a lead role in innovation, policy development and market transformation.

1. Meeting 100 percent of new electric load growth through energy efficiency and conservation.

2. Enhancing clean energy infrastructure development by removing finance and regulatory barriers to attract new investment and pursue promising new technologies.

3. Accelerating the market transition to a more efficient, lower-cost and cleaner transportation system, including strategies for fleet vehicle conversion and access to cleaner-burning and more efficient vehicles.

The Governor’s plan calls for building retrofits and efficiency improvements on up to four million square feet of state-owned buildings and office space to improve their energy performance and help drive private sector investment. It also proposes streamlined permitting for renewable energy facilities to provide more certainty for companies considering investments in Oregon and recommends workforce development initiatives to ensure Oregonians have the skills and training necessary to land clean energy jobs.

“Energy is the issue of our time – both globally and here in Oregon,” said the Governor. “No single issue will have a greater impact on our state’s economy, environment and quality of life in the coming decade, and I am committed to pursuing the policy, programs and practices needed to ensure we shape a prosperous and sustainable future.”

The draft 10-Year Energy Action Plan was shaped by input, advice, and technical expertise from over one thousand Oregonians, businesses and organizations. A citizen task force met regularly for six months, submitting nearly 200 recommendations that were incorporated into a draft plan that was released in June for public review and comment.

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