Greg Walden on Fox and Friends: Time to Do Away with Wasteful Washington Spending


U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends last week to talk about the need to reduce wasteful Washington spending.

Walden on getting spending under control

“The federal government is going to have more revenue next year than this year. And it’s going to spend more money than it did this year. Look, for the next generation, if we can’t get this under control and do away with some of the wasteful stupid Washington spending, the next generation is doomed. And so is our economy.”

Walden on reducing Washington waste

 “If they want to inflict the most pain possible on the most people possible rather than go after this wasteful Washington spending. Last year alone, according to a GAO report, government overpaid various people and contractors $115 billion. That’s more than the sequester. This could be resolved and managed. Having been a small business owner for 22 years, there is a way to do this.”

Walden on the never ending campaign

“This administration wants a bigger government. It wants higher taxes. Yet, it hasn’t even submitted its own budget. Four out of five years, the president has not submitted a budget on time. This is the next year, it’s supposed to be February 4. Here it’s almost the 4th of march. They say, maybe middle of March. Come on. Get off the plane. If you grounded Air Force One, you would save $180,000 bucks an hour. How many TSA workers wouldn’t have to be furloughed if you just didn’t go on the never ending campaign?”


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