Pneu-Logic Announces Expansion in China, South Korea and Germany


Compressed air control systems will help these countries save energy used in manufacturing operations. Pneu-Logic was a finalist in the Bend Venture Conference in 2011.

Pneu-Logic Corporation, a leading supplier of compressed air monitoring and control systems that help factories save energy and reduce energy costs, today announced its intent to establish licensed operations in China, South Korea and Germany.

Pneu-Logic products have already proven highly effective in reducing energy consumption in diverse applications around the world. Management believes that these three countries, which are among the world’s leading manufacturers, and are currently among the world’s top energy consumers, will greatly benefit from broader distribution of Pneu-Logic products while reducing demand on critical utility infrastructure.

“Customers regularly save 15-30% of their compressed air energy expenditures with our control systems, while improving operational performance” says Tom Orton, CEO for Pneu-Logic. “China, South Korea, and Germany are industrial powerhouses that continue to use energy at an extremely high rate. Mitigating the energy demand of their industrial and commercial facilities, by keeping compressed air energy consumption low, would be a big step forward.”

Pneu-Logic has engaged IDL Global Technology Banking of Saratoga, Calif. to identify compatible licensees. Such candidates must demonstrate deep technical expertise in compressed air systems, have broad in-country presence to properly service customers throughout the region, and be well capitalized.

Prospective international licensees and customers seeking to optimize air system performance can contact David Lempert.

About Pneu-Logic Corp.

For factories that want to reduce energy costs and increase productivity, Pneu-Logic Corporation, based in Portland, Ore., offers products with innovative, patented Airgonomic™ technology that cut air compressor energy use, increase system performance, and reduce system maintenance costs. Pneu-Logic customers can save between 15 and 30 percent on their compressed air costs and drive sustainability initiatives in industrial markets around the globe. To promote best practices, Pneu-Logic also offers best-in-class compressed air engineering services and assessments for customers in all industries. Pneu-Logic and its authorized resellers have sales offices and operations located worldwide. More information is available by calling (866) 348-5669 or by visiting the Web site:

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About IDL Global Technology Banking

IDL Global is a leading independent global technology licensing company with over 25 years of experience.  The company is successful by applying its extensive licensing knowledge and management skills matched with technical and commercial support.  Our experienced team of licensing professionals provides all of these functions to accommodate various licensing programs worldwide quickly and efficiently.

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