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If you are considering an alternative health solution apart from the national medical establishment and the drug companies of America, it can be difficult to determine which direction you want to follow. Alternative health care spans a wide range of disciplines, modalities and specialties, and can range from the physical body to the mental and spiritual.

It can be difficult sorting it all out when you’re not feeling that great anyway and need some help. Haven’t we all been frustrated to find out a doctor can’t see us for weeks, long after your suffering begins?  

In searching the web, I found the Central Oregon Wellness Connection with all the information I was looking for. It’s not only a directory of the alternative health practitioners in our area but also has a huge amount of health content information with numerous resources and a search glossary for health related terminology.

Alternative health practices often feature a holistic approach to your health issues. This may require treatments that include additional therapies for body, mind, heart or spirit to bring you into that full sense of holistic well being.

Started in 2009, the directory began under Regina Callahan’s leadership with an idea to centralize the information in one place. Recently Wendy Leer became the new owner and director of Central Oregon Wellness Connection and she is introducing a new look and approach.

Leer explained, “My business plan calls for a greatly enhanced digital presence that is readily accessible to all…The expanded Wellness Connection is designed to be an information resource for both the public and for the wellness community.”

“The mission of The Wellness Connection is to help people live healthier, happier and more dynamic lives,” said Leer. “Health and wellness is more than the lack of illness or disease; it is the well-being of the body, mind, spirit, heart and home.”

Leer has a long background in the healing arts, “I’ve been a long time resident of Central Oregon with my parents moving the family to town in 1964,” she said. “Growing up in this outdoor wonderland with horses and dogs as siblings and the freedom to ride and roam has made me the person I am today.

“I’ve worked in many facets of the health and wellness fields over the last 25 years and see value in the Wellness Connection website and the myriad modalities available to us all.”

Leer remarked, “I have a strong belief that we all have a healer inside of us. He or she just needs a little guidance at times to get us on the right track! A chance to support and enhance access to holistic health and wellness resources for the residents of Central Oregon is a dream come true for me. The Wellness Connection of Central Oregon aspires to encourage and assist each of you on your personal quest for health and wellness by providing readily accessible, current resources.

“We invite you to use the Wellness Connection as a reference guide, educational tool, and your resource to create vibrant health in your life,” she concluded.

info@oregonwellness.net, 541-419-3998, http://oregonwellness.net.

Alternative Health

The Healer’s Gathering • September 20-22 in Sisters
Second Annual Alternative Health Event
“A healer is one who brings their heart to their work in service to others.”

Regina Callahan, the original founder of the Central Oregon Wellness Connection, and Katie Cavanaugh, are co-creators of The Healer’s Gathering. “This is an event that will bring together an amazing array of healers and holistic health teachers,” said Callahan.

“The Healer’s Gathering is a life-changing event for those who are longing to deepen their healing journey, amplify their impact as a healer, create new relationships with like-minded seekers and embrace a new kind of leadership in their work,” explained Callahan.

“Teachers include Colby Wilk, Marcia Bench and Barbara Largent. We will also be graced with the music of beautiful singer/songwriter and healer Anastacia.”

“We are inviting 100 healers to come together in community to activate and elevate their healing gifts. We have an amazing line-up of teachers that will address these challenges and give practical tools to keep their energy field intact and to build a flourishing practice and much more,” she concluded.

The registration is $297 and includes on-site camping, two healthy nutritious and delicious dinners and all of the workshops and celebration.

For information & registration contact Regina Callahan, 541-390-3191, info@thehealersgathering.com, www.thehealersgathering.com.


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