Healthy Nonprofits Make Strong, Vibrant Communities



In this issue of Cascade Business News you will find a comprehensive list of Central Oregon nonprofits. We have spotlighted several organizations that are critical to the wellbeing of our various communities.

The nonprofit world can be challenging and composing as the goodwill they provide to local children and families does not come cheap. The volunteers and staff who direct these organizations must raise funds and coordinate volunteers to be able to provide the food, shelter, safety, healthcare and assistance needed to improve lives.

As businesses we can take this suggestion from Abilitree that not many people think to look to a nonprofit to increase their capacity or grow their team. And yet Abilitree does just that by working with people with disabilities to help them identify, secure and maintain meaningful employment. This nonprofit is just an example of the numerous services offered by our local organizations.

This issue also offers assistance and suggestions to our local nonprofits on how they can be the best they can be. Chris Telfer CPA says even if you are the best, could you be better?  What would it look like if you were better?  What do you need to do to be better? “To be a successful nonprofit means more than having the ability to raise money,” offers Telfer.  “Successful also means having the ability to demonstrate effectiveness and improving upon it.”

Telfer offers ways to measure the impact nonprofits are making on our community.

The goal of CBN publishing the nonprofit information is to assist you in your volunteering and giving decisions. We hope you’ll take the time to review it carefully.

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