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HB3000 allows state agencies to choose Oregon goods when bidding out contracts

med_Pamelas_Mug_copy55The Oregon House recently passed HB 3000, the Buy Oregon First Bill.  The bill, sponsored by Representative Brian Clem (D-Salem) and Representative Ben Cannon (D-SE Portland), allows state agencies to give preference to goods and services produced in Oregon when bidding out contracts.

In 2009, HB 2763 was enacted allowing contracting agencies to give a ten percent price preference to agricultural products produced and transported entirely within the state. HB 3000 adds goods fabricated or processed in the state and services performed in the state.

Governor John Kitzhaber is absolutely correct in stating, “the bill will help Oregon businesses by encouraging the development and growth of our local supply chains, which will help create local jobs and revitalize our state’s economy,” Kitzhaber urged the Senate to quickly pass House Bill 3000 so we can give Oregon businesses the access to markets they need to succeed.

We’ve long talked about giving preferential treatment to local companies bidding on governmental projects. We should be buying Oregon products first, and going a step further, within our own region we should look to local services and products.

“Oregon government purchases a lot of goods and services.  We should be buying Oregon products first. We think as many of these products as possible should be purchased from small businesses within our state, particularly when the price of those products is very similar. This bill allows Oregon companies to take advantage of the state’s purchasing power to grow their businesses and create more Oregon jobs,” said Rep. Clem. 

HB 3000 allows a contracting agency to pay up to ten percent more for goods fabricated or processed in Oregon or services performed entirely within the state.  Additionally, if more than one bidder or proposer qualifies for the ten percent preference, the bill allows a contracting agency to give further preference to a bidder that resides or is headquartered in Oregon.  The bill contains exceptions for specified public improvements and construction contracts.

“Oregon companies should not be penalized by having to match, penny for penny, the price of goods produced in countries with lower environmental, labor or quality standards,” said Rep. Cannon.  “This bill evens the playing field for Oregon businesses and will boost our state’s economy.”

HB 3000 has been referred to the General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection committee. The committee is slated to move the bill to the Senate for consideration.  PHA


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