CustomCare Rx Provides Unique Delivery Alternatives for Medications


CustomCare Rx is a unique local pharmacy operation located near St. Charles Medical Center. Despite the unassuming appearance of the building this pharmacy provides an extensive and wide array of services to patients all across eastern Oregon who require compounded prescriptions.

Compounding is the art of preparing tailored medications to meet the unique needs of each patient. With a doctor’s prescription, compounding pharmacies can make strengths that aren’t available from manufacturers and allergen free alternatives for patients sensitive to fillers or dyes or medications in different formulations such as creams, ointments, suppositories, gummy candy or solutions. For those patients unable to swallow pills or tablets a compounding pharmacy can make lollipops for the patient to suck on or lotions that may allow the patient to absorb the drug through their skin. This process means the pharmacists and technicians create prescriptions from certified, basic ingredients and medications. They may use their iconic mortar and pestle to combine a powdered drug with a base to form a medicated lotion, or they may use more sophisticated technology such as an ointment mill to make a hormone cream.

Once thought outdated with the advent of drug manufacturing, prescription compounding is experiencing a revival as more and more patients discover a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet their medication needs.  Common prescriptions include hormone replacement therapies that are formulated in creams, lotions, or gummies, topical pain medications for patients with nerve pain or muscle spasms, and antibiotic suspensions for specific infections or for pets. Compounded prescriptions are critical to veterinarians as well as many medications animals use don’t come in formulations that are convenient to administer. A compounding pharmacy can make a properly concentrated solution from a powder and make it bacon, chicken or caviar flavored to encourage an animal to ingest it.

While some community pharmacies provide compounding services most compounded prescriptions are made by specialized pharmacies like CustomCare Rx that are devoted to the compounding practice. These pharmacies are licensed by their respective state boards of pharmacy. They are inspected, and kept to rigorous standards regarding cleanliness and proper prescription processing. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure the stability and purity of prescriptions.  

CustomCare Rx is an integral part to the Central Oregon medical community, meeting unique patient needs with skill and compassion. If you or a loved one is having difficulty finding a medication formulation that works for you, speak with your doctor to see if a compounded prescription is right for you.

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