Healthy Beginnings Provides 12 Point Kid Inspections in Bend


Are you wondering if your child’s development is on track? Will their smile last a lifetime and can they hear and see okay? Health and development from birth through age five is critical to your child’s success. Healthy Beginnings can help you answer these questions and more at no cost to families and there are no eligibility requirements for this free service. At these screening clinics, each child receives an estimated $3,000 worth of services at no cost to the families.

Don’t miss this opportunity, appointments are now being accepted for the November 18 Screening in Bend.

Healthy Beginnings screens young children in hearing, speech and language, motor skills, cognitive development, vision, health and safety, dental, behavior and nutrition. Access to professionals and trained volunteers in all these core areas are available at the time of the screening. Parents and children birth through five meet one on one with as many as 12 health and development professionals and families are welcome to attend whether or not they have health insurance.

New to the screenings, the program will also be providing families with support in the application process for Healthy Kids Health Insurance, a state wide initiative. This project is for families with uninsured children – whether they are working or not AND for families struggling with finding insurance options for their kids.  OHP has expanded the income guidelines, meaning more children will be covered without cost to the family AND others will have the option to purchase coverage at a subsidized cost – a huge benefit for working parents struggling to provide health insurance for their children! 

Healthy Beginnings, a unique program available only in Central Oregon, works to assure parents that their children are developing appropriately or, if needed, to make referrals for in-depth evaluation and treatment. Parenting information and community resources are provided free as well. Every family attending a Healthy Beginnings screening receives extensive information on the heath and development of their child.

Healthy Beginnings is a Community Impact Partner Agency of the United Way of Deschutes County and is one of many programs offered through the support of the High Desert Education Service District.  Visit for a full listing of screening dates and cities as well as detailed information about our program, volunteer and donation opportunities. 

Call on or before Thursday, November 17 at 541-383-6357 or visit our website to make your child’s appointment or to volunteer to help.  Appointments are limited and screenings fill up quickly.


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