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“This is the first time in years that I have not been worried and constantly working at helping my mom’s life be successful.”

~ Peggy Lowry

Life is better when you have a best friend. Your world is filled with more laughter. More sharing. The world seems brighter, more manageable. This is especially true when someone is living with Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related dementia illness.

Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village is a certified Best Friends Environment.

Peggy Lowry has seen firsthand the benefits of this exceptional environment. Before her mother moved into Touchmark’s new memory care neighborhood, her mom’s eating, hygiene and activity levels weren’t what they could be.

Since moving to Touchmark, her mom has blossomed. “She looks better. Her health is better. She’s eating better. She plays bridge and Scrabble and is social with friends,” says Lowry. “She’s happy now.”

What makes a Best Friend?

Best Friends is an industry-leading approach specifically developed to care for people with dementia. It is person centered and based on the understanding that personal relationships are supremely important to the well-being of those living with a dementia illness.

Touchmark team members working in memory care are — at heart — professional Best Friends. They build meaningful and trusting relationships with each person. They do this by drawing on five essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust and humor.

Touchmark Memory Care Administrator Angela Stewart says these friendship traits are evident in everything team members do.


“When I hire care partners, I look for individuals who are sensitive to other people’s traditions, personality and moods,” says Stewart. “To be a Best Friend, team members must be able to communicate effectively by listening and paying attention to body language.”

She says care partners establish a very special bond with residents and are able to adapt to the changing needs of each one.

“The staff are unbelievably loving,” says Lowry. “It’s a real gift to be enthusiastic, and they do it, because it’s the best thing to do.”

This unique friendship — between care partner and resident — provides countless rewards and moments of joy for the friends — and it radiates to family members, who can see the difference Touchmark Best Friends make.

Do you know someone who would like to make a difference in people’s lives and become a professional Best Friend?

Touchmark is seeking energetic, qualified, caring individuals. Applicants should be willing to work in a team setting and be available any shift, any day. Key responsibilities include assisting residents with daily meals, needs and activities.

Requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent, six months of experience, a positive attitude, the ability to communicate in a professional and intelligent manner and observe and report changes, a willingness to continue learning and improve skills and a commitment to confidentiality.

Touchmark is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a broad benefit package that includes medical, dental, flexible spending, 401k and paid time off for full-time positions (upon eligibility).

Best Friends™ is a trademark of Health Professions Press, Inc.


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