Focusing Crucial in Almost Every Aspect of Our Lives



Your successes in life have been, and will continue to be, dependent upon your ability to focus. As we study the great business gurus, attend the workshops, listen to the DVDs or watch movies devoted to the principles we need to ascribe to in order to achieve financial success, there’s one underlying theme. The theme and the principles are so rich with material for the mind that we often miss the very simple revelation that those principles we’ve been studying and attempting to apply really depend upon one unspoken and all too obvious fact: we can achieve only in direct proportion to our ability to focus.

The ability to focus is crucial in almost every aspect of our lives: science, medicine, literature, philosophy, sports or religion. In almost all areas we strive for a clear, precise, uncluttered and pristine focus. What happens when our camera, binoculars, microscope or even our eyesight loses its sharp focus?

As a person who has lost sight in one eye I can attest to the fact that it’s more difficult and sometimes impossible to focus clearly, at least with my eyes. Thank God our focus is not limited to our eyesight! However, in today’s world it’s become exceedingly difficult for anyone to maintain a clear focus on any particular mental project due to the environmental clutter that surrounds us: iPhones, advertisements and just our undisciplined personal behavior.

This is a magnificent characteristic of the human mind; it can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Thus being able to focus on something should not be that difficult. Recall that you were taught to set short term and long term goals? The reason for the short term is basically that you can succeed or accomplish something of value to you just through short term focusing. It’s the beginning of a habit pattern. One short term goal accomplished through short term focus starts to build excitement along with success patterning, which creates more excitement and more goal achievement.

Here’s my challenge to you for the week. Try setting a short term goal. Wake up thinking about it, think about it all day long and again when you lay down to rest at night. You remember the feeling and the focus you had when you knew you had found the one person you could not live without? You became obsessively focused!

It was fun and hopefully you lived happily ever after. Come on, give it a try and see what some laser-like focus can achieve this week, and we’ll talk more about it next time.

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