Now is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Office, Restaurant or Commercial Space


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Your commercial space is far more than just four functional walls. The appearance of your commercial space plays a huge role in both your branding and your productivity. Retail Customer Experience reports that “95 percent of consumers consider a store’s exterior appearance an important factor when deciding upon a place to shop.” It’s also fairly safe to assume that an unattractive office space won’t impress clients. No matter which type of commercial space you own, now is the perfect time to remodel. But why exactly is that?

  1. Take advantage of the downtime
    Due to these uncertain times, business is slow across the globe. Many organizations have had to close and make arrangements to work from home. When business is slow, it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of the downtime and do something productive. Let’s face it; as an entrepreneur, it’s not often you get a little downtime!
  2. No disruption to profits
    When your stores are open and busy, carrying out a remodel means disrupting your day-to-day, and consequently your profits. That’s why it’s essential to seize this opportunity and remodel while things are quiet. It’s best to carry out your commercial remodel during a time when it will cause minimal interference. Commercial remodeling is an excellent investment, but of course, it does (normally) cause some upheaval to your daily business activities.
  3. The repairs you’ve put off
    We are all guilty of putting off those small repairs around the office, store or restaurant. It’s all too easy to put it on the to-do-list and forget about it! The fact is though, avoiding repairs means the small issues could get worse. Whether it’s holes in your plaster, a roof leak or the paint job your space is crying out for, now’s the perfect time to finally get around to it. (If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, you can always call in commercial contractors!)
  4. Return in style
    If you complete your commercial remodeling now, when you return to business, you’ll return in style! According to The World Green Building Council, “69 percent of businesses that implemented healthy building features reported improvements in employee satisfaction and engagement.” The study linked the right work space with increased productivity, more collaboration and lower absenteeism. These “healthy features” included an attractive interior layout, good lighting and ventilation, alternative workspaces and even the use of plants.


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