October 15 Science Pub Focusing on Clean Water Research Conducted at OSU-Cascades


(Concept illustration for desalination technology proposed by OSU-Cascades researcher Bahman Abbasi. | Image courtesy of OSU-Cascades)

Around the globe, fresh water is increasingly scarce, and untreated wastewater creates mounting public health challenges. At Oregon State University-Cascades’ upcoming Science Pub, researcher Bahman Abbasi will discuss efforts underway on the Bend campus that may help communities around the world in need of clean water.

The Science Pub, Modular and Portable: A New Way to Help Water Stressed Communities, will take place on Tuesday, October 15 in Father Luke’s Room at McMenamins Old St. Francis in Bend.

Abbasi, who is an assistant professor in the energy systems engineering program at OSU-Cascades, researches in areas including the nexus of water and energy, control systems in thermal-fluid applications and advanced metals and materials.

In his presentation, Abbasi will explain how existing water desalination and wastewater treatment plants around the world are large, immobile, permanent and expensive structures. Those features can be barriers for providing clean water in rural and impoverished areas, or in locations where water is needed urgently.

Abassi will discuss the research program he is leading to develop modular, portable and scalable technologies to desalinate water and treat wastewater at costs that are competitive with those of large-scale installations. His solutions could be housed in a vehicle and transported to difficult-to-reach areas, and powered via connection to a local grid, solar panels or low-grade or solar heat.

Abbasi is the recipient of more than $4 million in research awards from the U.S. Department of Energy to turn saltwater into drinking water, and to treat hydraulic fracturing wastewater to improve the public health and environmental impact concerns associated with untreated wastewater.

Science Pubs take place from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Networking and food and beverage service begin at 5:30pm, and the presentation starts at 6:30pm. Science Pubs are free to community members, but reservations are required. Space is limited to 100 guests.

Registration must be completed by 5pm the day prior to each Science Pub at osucascades.edu/sciencepubs.



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