Why Your Online Business Is Not Profitable


Why aren’t customers buying from me? This is probably one of the most asked questions of any online business. The truth is that there is no one single answer for this. Many factors come into play as to why the sales are not flowing in, and some of these reasons can be resolved with relatively simple means.

  1. Lack Of Trust Or Low Confidence

Lack of trust or low confidence is one of the most frequent reasons why customers hesitate and ultimately fail to buy. Are you familiar with them? Have you convincingly presented the benefits of your service? Why should they buy from you and not another familiar provider? These questions may have less to do with the fact that you are not a trusted provider and more to do with whether customers classify your business as quality and trustworthy. Even if you made outstanding offers for your services or products, that is not enough for a potential customer to spend their coins.

What can you do? Show that you are trustworthy by releasing their fears. Customers ask, consciously or unconsciously, some crucial questions before making a purchase. If you answer, you automatically win more customers. Start by adding an FAQ section on your website to relieve their fears.

  1. Tomorrow Is Another Day

No matter how attractive your products are, customers will always find a reason to abandon their cart, with the aim of purchasing another day. Also, the larger the order, the more hesitant the customers. You can solve the problem by first making smaller clever offers. This can be a slimmed down version of your actual package. It usually lowers the risk-of-inhibition threshold, and for customers, it is one of many factors that compete for attention.

  1. Website Complications

Let’s face it, we humans like things to go smoothly. When everything is easy and fast, things become more stress-free. As soon as something seems complicated, complex or tedious, our commitment drops considerably. When things get too complicated, a potential customer will merely conclude that purchasing your products is not that urgent. If the solution for customers seems worse than the problem, why bother?

Ask yourself does your website need a facelift? Does it need to be more mobile friendly? Is your purchasing process too complicated? A business can systematically acquire more customers if they make the buying experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Also, take a look at customer reviews on social media or elsewhere. Read what your customers say about your business and implement improvements.

  1. High Shipping Costs

If your business is one that sells products internationally, then you may be aware by now that high shipping costs commonly deter customers from buying. To counteract this, it may be worth finding ways to lower shipping costs to attract more customers. This can be done by cutting down on profits or offering free shipping over a specific spend. It may also be worth having a freight invoice audit done on your shipping process from a reliable logistics service provider to see where you can save on shipping fees.

  1. No Money

Yes, it’s true, many people just don’t have the money to spend. There may be other main priorities in place, from the largest expenses such as summer vacations to paying regular gas bills. Businesses have to save in one place to invest in another.

Of course, it is not possible for every business to gain customers from every economic class, but to avoid limiting products to only a few individuals, it is essential to run various tempting offers and discounts throughout the year.


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