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If you’ve been to college and made it through, then you must have acquired a good deal of writing skills. Writing essays, composing reaction pieces, and delivering well put together speeches are among the hurdles that you need to overcome in order to graduate.

Now that you’ve joined the workforce, a career in writing is surely one of the options that you have. In this article, we present some of the jobs that you can take if you believe strongly enough in your writing ability.

What’s nice about a career in writing is the fact that you can take it wherever you go. Many of the jobs that revolve around this skill are now made mobile. This means that you can complete your tasks from home, or you can take advantage of the benefits of shared office space and opt for coworking facilities.

SEO Content Creation

Search engine optimization or SEO is the strategy employed by many website administrators to make their pages more visible to searchers. Visibility is achieved by making sure that the pages are indexed properly by the search engines so that they show on top of the search engine results pages or SERPs.

Being able to write around simple or complex keywords is necessary if you are to succeed as an SEO writer. This is where your skills as a writer can be put to full use. Making a sentence sound natural even if it makes use of unusually ordered or even grammatically erroneous keywords is not always easy. It requires a great deal of creativity and mastery of the language.


Being a ghostwriter is among the most lucrative paths a writer can take, if they are affiliated with the right companies or personalities, that is. When you ghostwrite, you basically let someone take credit for a written work that you worked on. This is not entirely illegal, because it’s like you become someone’s speechwriter, it’s just that they don’t read your work out loud. We say this is lucrative because the fee that you get increases based on the complexity or even the length of the works that you turn in.

Aside from superb mastery of the language, the capacity to change the tone and style of your writing is also crucial to your success as a ghostwriter. You can achieve this by being a prolific reader or simply by not putting too much of who you are and what you believe in every work that you submit.

Social Media Manager

Whether they admit it or not, a social media manager’s job is largely founded on the manager’s writing skills. One of the main responsibilities of a social media manager is to curate content for various platforms, and they can only do this with precision if they know how to organize their thoughts well and to use the right words to represent the brand that they are trying to build.

In order to be successful in this field, you have to have an appreciation for writing as a simple skill with complex ramifications. Other than just using words to articulate thoughts, writing can also be used to represent an entire persona or brand. This is a task that is a bit more complex, and requires a little diversity of knowledge.

Writing, no matter how ubiquitous it has become, is still something that many don’t fully understand. It is a simple skill, yes, but it can be used in complex ways. Success in a writing career is heavily dependent on how good you are in making such complexities work to your advantage.


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