ORA Juice Co. Open for Business


(Photo | Courtesy of ORA Juice Co.)

A local, online business which offers multi-day juice cleanse programs and delivers within Bend city limits is now open in Bend. ORA Juice Co. utilizes an innovative approach, where online commerce meets local, fresh production. Clients must order online and can select Sunday in-store pick up or Monday delivery to start their week off right.

ORA offers a wide array of recipes. Clients get to choose from pre-selected cleanses (including a rainbow chakra cleanse or all greens) or take a DIY approach; allowing them to select their favorites or stick to a particular protocol for organ system or anti-inflammatory diets. ORA uses a rotating menu of Western and Ayurvedic herbs added to each juice selected for full body regeneration.

Ora Juice Co., LLC, is the shared vision of Jill Hodgson and Ryan Re, two friends and long-time Bend residents, whose commitment to empowering the health of our culture has been at the heart of their many community endeavors.



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