Paleo Magazine Goes Bar Hopping . Bend’s Paleo Eats Lands in the Exclusive Top


(Photo courtesy of Paleo Eats)

Here in Central Oregon we love our bars. Healthy, nutritious, guilt-free…of course
we are talking about energy bars. Quick fuel for an active, outdoor lifestyle is in big
demand here, and, as a result, there are A LOT of energy bars on the shelves these

How do you choose? Why not “shop local” and try the bar that Paleo Magazine
just rated among their top three best Paleo bars on the market.

“We are excited to announce that this international publication tested a sea of entrants, and found Bend, Oregon’s own Paleo Eats bars to be at the pinnacle of energy bars with great taste, organic ingredients and excellent nutrition,” says Founder Debbie Fred. “Here at Paleo Eats, we are so happy that these bars are already making waves around the country for their flavor and pure ingredients. Thank you to Paleo Magazine and everyone who enjoys the “Primitive Power” of our Paleo Eats bars.”

All three varieties of Paleo Eats energy bars are certified by the Paleo Foundation.
That means they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, legume-free, wheat-free,
corn-free, and made without any processed sugar. They’re also high in fiber for extra
nutrition and are energy sustaining with good fats to be used as a meal bar. Unlike other foods on the market, Paleo Eats products use only high-quality ingredients designed to improve your life rather than increase shelf-life.

Paleo Eats evolved from a primal impulse toward health and wellness, as well as a
hunger for dietary solutions. As a prior MRI Technologist, CrossFit enthusiast, and
lifelong nutrition devotee, Debbie Fred has been dedicated to wellbeing and fitness
her entire life. It wasn’t until after her three children were born with food intolerances that this dedication kicked into high gear.



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