Philip Rodrigs Launches Raynar Portfolio Management’s Flagship Strategy


Another success milestone for the new, boutique investment firm.

1st June marked an important day for Philip Rodrigs and his team at Raynar Portfolio Management as they launched Raynar Flagship, their second strategy since opening in January. Raynar’s CEO and Portfolio Manager Philip carefully designed Flagship to be appropriate for investments in UK equities, focusing on small market cap segments.

The Flagship strategy is intended for professional and high net-worth investors and enables the flexibility to reduce exposure to equities in favour of other assets. This approach allows Raynar to preserve capital until optimal investment conditions arise, ideal for managing liquidity and protecting capital during turbulent market phases.

Developing the Raynar Flagship Strategy

When designing the Flagship strategy, Philip drew from the award-winning investment framework that he conceived, coordinated, and managed for the River and Mercantile UK Micro Cap Investment Company in 2014. His approach enabled the distribution back to shareholders of £30m of the original £70m capital within just three years, whilst still maintaining a £100m investment pool. As the strategy proved highly effective and has been emulated by many firms, Philip structured Raynar’s Flagship strategy with similar features and fees. Philip planned both schemes to overcome client concerns and take advantage of opportunities that continuously arise from the economy.

Since opening Raynar’s doors at the beginning of the year, Philip has already tripled assets under management and expanded his team, despite challenges associated with managing a start-up business – particularly during a pandemic. The launch of Flagship marks an important milestone for the Raynar team, who continue to operate as seamlessly as possible through this difficult time.

‘I am excited to be back doing what I enjoy most, searching high and low for great investments across the UK equity market,’ Philip says. ‘With a strategy carefully designed to accommodate challenging market conditions, we seek to deliver great Client outcomes by focusing investment into unique firms that deliver for all stakeholders as they flourish.’

‘We are very encouraged by the degree of interest and enthusiasm we have experienced regarding Philip’s return to the market,’ adds Jon Garland, Head of Client Relations. ‘With such a strong track record over his career to date, I am confident that his twenty years of experience in the UK equity market will hold Philip in good stead at the helm of Raynar’s Flagship.’

About Raynar Portfolio Management

Based in Victoria, London, Raynar Portfolio Management ‘searches high and low for great investments’, tailoring investment strategies for each of its clients’ positions. The firm specialises in Alternative Investment Funds and is dedicated to striving to achieve the best financial outcomes for clients. Instead of following rigid, traditional approaches and targeting excessive assets under management, Raynar embraces small businesses, reaping the financial benefits of differentiated approaches.

Raynar’s Flagship follows the success of the multi-asset Enhanced Portfolio, which Raynar launched in February. The Julius Baer veteran Matthew Taylor manages this strategy. Matthew is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Accountant who has specialised in asset allocation for 15 years and now offers his services as a Raynar Portfolio Manager.

About Philip Rodrigs

Acclaimed investor Philip Rodrigs is known across the financial landscape for conceiving the award-winning investment trust for River and Mercantile Asset Management, as well as growing and soft-closing award-winning smaller companies funds from £90 million to £650 million within eight years and from £150 million to over £1 billion within four years.

Philip made his first investment in 2000 when he invested a small gift from his grandfather. Two decades later, Philip has achieved attractive financial outcomes for clients, and launched his own boutique investment firm.

Philip honed his skills with a host of investment companies before launching Raynar Portfolio Management in 2020. Since joining the professional industry as a Fund Manager at Invesco Perpetual in 2002, he has specialised in UK and European small-cap stocks at T Rowe Price International, Investec Asset Management, and River and Mercantile. During this time, Philip received several awards, including the Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year (2016), Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent (2012), and Investment Week UK Smaller Companies Manager of the Year (in both 2010 and 2011).

Philip studied his master’s degree in Economics and Management at Lincoln College (the University of Oxford). Now a Chartered Financial Analyst, he uses insights from his studies every day as Raynar’s CEO and Portfolio Manager. He is committed to achieving the best possible results for each of the firm’s clients and continues to study successful business strategies that form the foundations of the firm’s investment services.

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