Popular Summer Jobs for Young People


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School’s out. Summer vacation is about to begin. But not for all. For some, summer is the perfect time to take on that summer job only available during warmer months.

College students and those new to the workforce, who are focused on reducing college debt, are often looking for high-paying gigs to help them reduce financial obligations and move them toward financial independence.

Looking back at past years, here are some of the more popular summer jobs this demographic takes on:

1. House sitting / home security.

With many residents taking summer vacation abroad, this leaves houses empty. The New York Times reported that most break ins are done—not by professionals—but those in need of quick cash who are looking for easy targets. Empty houses.

During the summer, both house sitting jobs and home security businesses experience an uptick as house owners look for peace of mind. One security company with many job openings is Alder Home Security. Alder Home Security’s Glassdoor reviews show a company with engaged employees. Additionally, they have job openings for home security sales, some of which require no experience. Average hourly pay for home security sales is $7.89 – $13.65.

2. Summer camp organizer.

School is out, and not only for college and high school students. For young people who like working with children, being a summer camp organizer is a good match. The range of summer camp openings is wide. From fitness camps to girl and boy scout camps to wilderness training and much more. Job requirements are often limited to simply working well with children and being handy around the camp’s main focus. PayScale pay range places this at an average of $10.15 – $23.50.

3. Seasonal customer service representative.

Certain areas get an influx of summer business, which often requires hiring extra staff in order to handle. Such businesses include hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, specialty stores, boutiques, etc. Qualifications are minimal, although prior customer service experience is often preferred. As well as being a personality type well-suited to the job. Friendliness and outgoing personalities are standard requirements for jobs in this sector. Pay differs based on service type.

4. Tour and local trip guide.

In a similar vein as the above job, popular tourist destinations often have openings during the summer for tour guides. Places that require additional help include museums, parks, and spots of historical interest. Job applicants must be all right with a flexible schedule and have had experience with public speaking. Applicants must also have the ability to memorize a tour script. Additional skill points include the ability to lead groups of people and be professional and personable. Pay ranges from $9.17 – $21.85 according to PayScale.

5. Golfing assistant.

Or as most refer to it, the job of a golf caddy. The perfect job for the person looking to spend the summer enjoying the outdoors while also staying fit at the same time. Forbes ran a story of one caddy who earns $200 a day and who decided to keep that summer job, even after getting a full-time job as a headhunter. Requirements include physical fitness, the ability to carry the golf bag for long periods, and an understanding of the game. PayScale shows an hourly average of $8.96 – $14.73.

6. Summer tutor.

School is out, but not for those that need to use the summer for remedial work. Tutoring jobs at summer schools or as part of a personal business see an increase in business during the summer months. Job applicants should have a focus area that they are strong in and are able to teach well. Most parents and hiring boards require past teaching experience. Or certifications that prove education in this area. Qualifications are often required for academics, but exceptions may be made based on the subject being taught. Depending on expertise and the subject area taught, pay range is wider than most at $9.87 – $39.77.


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