Preparing for your Short Distance Move


If you are about to move a short distance you could be forgiven for thinking the move will be easier than a long-distance move. However, the move will still entail a lot of work and you’ll need to be as prepared as you can. In this article experts from CA Movers – California’s long and short distance movers share their experience to help you prepare for that move and all the stress that’s associated with moving.

Moving a short distance

Moving a short distance can be easier than moving across the country. This is because transporting your belongings won’t cost you quite so much. In addition to this, it won’t take as long to get your things from your old place to your lovely new home.

While you might not consider hiring a moving company to help you move, it would be a mistake. This is because you will still need someone to lift those heavy items and pack them on the back of a truck. They’ll also need to unload the truck and place those items exactly where you want them. Let someone else do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Go Through your Belongings

One of the first things you need to do is to work out what you want to take with you to your new home. Make sure you put those things you don’t intend to take with you to one side. This is so you know exactly what you are going to take with you. It will also ensure that you’re less likely to get things mixed up.

Make a List of your Priorities

If you’re only moving across the street you won’t have to worry too much about moving everything in one go. However, before you make that move you will need to prioritize all of your belongings. This is so that you know exactly what to move and when. For example, you might want to move all of those things that you keep in the refrigerator first so they don’t spoil. You’ll also need to move the products you use in the bathroom. Finally, don’t forget to take some bedding with you so you have somewhere to sleep.

Making Preparations for the Move

You need to start making real preparations for the move, more specifically, the week of the move. Try to get some time off work as this will really help you. You will also need to make sure that you get plenty of rest. This is because you’ll be very busy sorting everything out. A good night’s sleep can make you feel so much better and a lot less stressed.

Please be aware that not everything will go according to plan. This is completely normal but you should be prepared for it just in case. Make sure you have plenty of time for the move and you know when you’re getting your keys. Also, make sure that you know where your new home is and how to get there. This might seem an odd thing to say but it’s surprising how many people do not know how to reach their new home.

You should also be prepared to clean your old home once everything has been moved out of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into or out of a rental property or if you’re moving into a new home, you should give the home a good clean before you move out. Think about how clean you’d want the house you’re moving into to be.

Think About Where you’ll Put Everything

Think about all of your belongings and where they’re going to live in your new home. Making a plan well before you move in is always a good idea. It gives you time to have a re-think and make a few changes. Leaving these plans until the last minute will mean you have much more work to do.

Measure the space in each room so you know what will and won’t fit in them. Think about where beds are going to go and if your dining table is too big for your new home. When you consider all of these options you’ll know what items you can hang onto and which ones you should get rid of.

Visit Your Nice New Home

If you have the chance to visit your nice new home before you move in you should. This is because you’ll be able to measure the rooms and imagine what your new place looks like with all of your things in it. It’ll also help you understand what you’ll need to make your new home complete, such as a larger or smaller dining table or a bed for the spare bedroom.


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