Preserving Your Business: How To Keep Clients Happy


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Managing your clients requires more than pitching a good product or service. You need to have that extra something that lets your customers know you are interested in maintaining their business for the long haul. You should cultivate perks and network with your clientele to generate good will, further opportunities and increase exposure for their company. Show your clients a good time and create a positive relationship with the following ideas:

Take Them out to Lunch
Take your clients out to lunch one day during the work week to learn more about them. This is a great way to relax with your client and build an interpersonal relationship outside of the office environment. During lunch, pay attention to cues like upcoming birthdays or anniversaries so you can organize a special something for these milestone events. Also take this opportunity to learn what your client likes about your business or ways you can improve your product or services.

Send Them Tickets to a Show
Clients love when a business also pays attention to their families. It is a nice gesture to send your clients tickets to a show for them and their spouse or family. If you know what kind of entertainment they like, buy tickets for a specific play or musical. Otherwise, consider giving them a gift card to a ticketing website like Telecharge so they can choose the show, date and time. This type of gesture lets your clients know that you see them as people rather than as just a number.

Acknowledge Important Milestones
Birthdays and anniversaries are important to your clients. So what better way is there to let them know you are thinking about them than by sending flowers on these special days? Order flowers online from a site like ProFlowers, and have them delivered to their door for a nice surprise.

Organize a Sports Outing
Sports outings can be a great way to mingle with your clients because it’s casual and entertaining. Find out their preferred sport and buy tickets for the whole family. This way, your clients feel appreciated and everyone can get to know each other over concessions and cheering for your hometown team.

Throw a Party
Throw a party a few times a year to mingle with your clients in a shared social setting. This is a great time to connect with your clients and staff and allow them to network with other business owners as well. By throwing the occasional party, you can build a strong and connected network with others in your industry.

Send a Gift Card
Social media is a great way to learn about your clients’ likes and dislikes. Look at brands they follow and like to get an idea of their preferences. Then, send a gift card with a handwritten note as a thank you for their business. This shows the client you pay attention to their preferences and are willing to go the extra mile.
You don’t have to make a big effort to maintain your relationships with your business clientele. Sending small tokens of appreciation and thank yous go a long way in maintaining and keeping your clients happy.


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