Voting Oregon Style May 17

Most of Oregon’s primary election is tuned to the presidential election with the myriad of characters running for the highest office of president. Remember that in Oregon’s primary election you may only vote for the candidates running within the party you registered for. If you’re a registered Democrat you have two choices: Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.
If you’re a Republican you can vote for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich (who will be on the ballot but is not in your voter’s pamphlet). Those are your choices, you can write in a candidate but it really won’t help. If you are a non-affiliated voter or registered in the now recognized Independent Party then you will not be voting for a candidate for president in this go round. You may vote for anyone remaining on the ballot in the November election.
For the May 17 election (and you should have received your ballot in the mail, contact your local county clerk if you didn’t receive one and think you should have) there are some important ballot measures in Central Oregon that you shouldn’t overlook.
Measure 9-106: Those owning property in Deschutes River would be well-served to vote to improve and maintain public roads.
Measure 9-107: Every voter in Deschutes County can vote on this measure, and in our view should vote yes. It establishes permanent funding for 911 Service District. Stable funding will assure the continuation of quality, responsive 911 emergency service responses for everyone in the District.
Measure 9-108: This measure would finance needed improvements to the Sisters School District facilities. The creative, nurturing environment of Sisters schools deserves the overdue upgrades and renovations slated for these funds.
Oregonians are fortunate to be able to vote by mail so be sure to turn in your ballot by May 17.


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