How to Produce a Creative Brief for Leaflet Design


Every successful leaflet starts with an effective creative brief. Designing a leaflet can be challenging but with a creative brief you produce a solid foundation for an effective publication. The creative brief covers the objectives your flyer or leaflet should achieve. Working within the creative brief allows for creativity along with a solid understanding of business aims. You can look for creative leaflet briefs online or you can produce your own. Here are the main areas a leaflet brief should cover:


List Aims and Objectives

Work out what you want to achieve with your flyers printing and leaflet design. For example, what is the overall point of the leaflet? Do you, for example, want to promote an event? Or tell people about a new product? Do you want to raise money for a good cause?


Along with what you want to achieve, detail who you want to reach. What audience will your leaflet be aimed at? Teens? High-spending individuals? Families? Most flyers will have a specific audience even if the purpose of the leaflet seems quite general at first.


Focus on USP and Appeal

How will you demonstrate the key aims of your leaflet in a way that will appeal to your audience? Think about the best possible way of achieving your aims and objectives that will make your audience take notice of your leaflet. You need to make it stand out among the other leaflets that are also being produced for a similar purpose, for a similar audience.




Add Call to Action

With folded leaflet printing and flyer printing you want to add a concrete call to action so that people reading the leaflet know what to do next. Do you want them to visit a web page or check out a website? Do you want them to attend an event or buy a product? List your core call to action so that it becomes clear in your leaflet design.


Think About Distribution

You also need to define where and how you will distribute your leaflets as this may affect their design. It will also affect the type of paper you use, the size of the leaflet, and the number of copies you need to print. Work out the distribution and display needs so you can create a more effective leaflet that is fit for purpose.


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