Proposal Automation – A Key to Sales Success!


Sales proposal automation software is a solution that automates the generation of proposals in response to a request for proposals RFP. It may also include preparing other documents that support your offer in bidding or sales pitches. In a nutshell, sales promotion automation software enhances your productivity and win rate. Final proposals can be compiled and submitted in time. Regardless of where your business units are, they can work together within a cloud system to provide input on the proposal.

If you can write a proposal in word, then why use sales proposal automation? Before you take that manual road, consider these sales proposal automation benefits:

1.  Ensures proposal’s consistency and accuracy

As you rush to meet RFP deadlines, you’re bound to make mistakes. It could be that you’ve set wrong pricing or overestimated your supply capabilities because you didn’t consult with your suppliers. Sales proposal automation consists of a multi-tiered process that ensures that stakeholders reconfirm their commitment to the proposed terms. That way, no key element is left out.

2.  Helps generate proposals faster

If your company bids frequently, then sales proposal automation can help you respond faster to RFPs and make the deadline cut. A clear-cut routine of creating proposals can be developed, which will eventually minimize if not eliminate the need for time-consuming meetings.

3.  Automation is key to increased sales


With functionalities that feature templates to help you get your bids ready in minutes, proposal automation attracts a large pool of clients within the shortest time possible.

If you want to focus more on win themes and client-specific content at the same time eliminating errors in proposals, then using proposal automation to increase sales isn’t an option. A study revealed that 40% of all tasks on sales can now be automated, sales proposal is one of them. Another study researching on how automation can replace human labor found data processing and data collection highly susceptible to automation.

4.  Provides collaboration space for stakeholders

Experts in different departments can quickly chime in their ideas by conveniently logging into the system. Similarly, you can also involve suppliers to a discussion board to make sure the terms of your proposal are within the capacity of the vendors. Maximize platforms such as email and live chat to involve all stakeholders.

5.  Makes the management of recommendations easy

As your proposals increase in volume, so will you need a centralized location to archive files. File retrieval is made easy using such filters. There won’t be any misplacement of documents allowing you to build up proposals for future reference.

6.  Frees you from routine work

Except for special projects, generating and submitting bids is regular work which a standard automated process can perform. The software uses similar rules that match your workflows and requirements, allowing you extra time that you can allocate to other important matters.

7.  Focuses on sales by preventing endless searches

With a centralized place for all your proposals, deals can search the right document as soon as the opportunity comes, allowing them to sell at once without wasting time looking for suggestions, quotes, or presentations.

After implementing a sales proposal automated system, most organizations experienced a significant improvement in the time taken to create their first projects. Implementing such a system may not solve every proposal creation challenge, but will certainly improve efficiency and productivity, safeguard corporate knowledge, and ultimately improve client retention.


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