Reasons To Start A Corporate Wellness Program For Your Employees


Health and wellness are becoming a huge topic for many people. From mothers who are striving to lose weight, to men in the 50’s looking to boost their testosterone again. And even now, with many businesses incorporating a wellness program into their daily routine. This is a great idea, and if you run a small business, medium business, or large business, you may want to consider running a wellness program for your employees.

In this article, we will go over seven reasons as to why you may want to consider having a corporate wellness program for your employees.

# 1 – Could Potential Lower Your Healthcare Cost For Your Workers

This is easily one of the best reasons as to why you will want to run a wellness program. By keeping your employees in shape, because exercise has shown to do wonders for one’s overall health, you potentially save them form long-term health issues.

It is well known that merely exercising for at least 20 minutes a day has a profound impact on our overall health. Keeping your employees in tip-top shape will not only help them but also save you on insurance.

# 2 – Boosts Workplace Morale

Exercising is a great way to boost the large and the energy of your team. Exercise releases a lot of happy, feel-good chemicals in your brain, thus making doing the task for the day that much easier. By energizing your team, you also boost morale. And when your team has high morale, you have a GREAT and PRODUCTIVE day ahead of you.

# 3 – Reduce Call Offs

Having a wellness program helps in call-offs. This is because everyone has to have a partner to work with will make the employees feel that much more obligated to come into work that day.

There is nothing worse than letting a team member down. And by creating a wellness program where everyone NEEDS a partner, they will make a call out and absentees that much fewer in numbers. Holding people to a certain standard has the effect of making epos REACH those standards.

# 4 – Reduce Loss Of Productivity

Losing motivation is the lack of having Low energy levels. Depression, anxiety, and stress also have a factor in this as well. However, we know that exercising has the potential to relieve significantly many of these psychological and emotional issues.

When you have a team that has high morale, great energy, and a team who understand how valuable they are to not only each other but the company, they will be less likely to be unproductive. A huge part of why many businesses don’t do so well is due to reduced productivity by the employees.

# 5 – Increase Work Productivity

To piggyback off the last entry, by having a health and wellness program, you put your employees in a situation where they are better able to be more productive in their work environment.

# 6 – Increase Responsibility

If you want a team to feel like they are appreciated, you have to give them responsibility. Let them feel as if they are needed and that their presence makes the job and the company that much better.

The health and wellness program is not strictly to boost productivity, but it is also a way to build a stronger bond with your employees. Toxic workplaces are some of the worst places to work as work never gets done. This is excuse employees are more focused on spreading gossip and rumors than actually working and doing the job.

# 7 – Increases Loyalty

Lastly is the level of loyalty that you build with your employees if they can see that you are genuinely concerned about their health and keeping and building a strong bond with all the employees that will make them feel more welcome.

By seeing your employees as individuals and not just an employee, you can get rid of or replace the level of loyalty they will have for you and the company will grow. People need to feel like they are appreciated, and by showing your team members that you are there for them and that you want the best for them, they will be willing to work that much harder for you.

This is a great way to build a relationship and to create a team of employees who will go well beyond what is expected of them.

Benefits Of Exercise For Mental Health

  • Regular aerobic exercise increases levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain (these help with boosting mood in a positive way)
  • Exercise enhances the mind’s ability to withstand daily hassles
  • Exercising give you better clarity
  • Exercising helps in combating depression, anxiety and stress
  • Exercise has been associated with better thinking, learning, and judgment
  • Exercise increases assertiveness and enthusiasm for life

Final Thoughts

Having a corporate wellness program will do wonders (as you can see) for your business. If you have not yet developed a program then we highly recommend that you do so. It is not as time-consuming or expensive as you may think it is.

Health and wellness are essential, and when you have a team of people who may not be as motivated to come to work, you are looking at a business that may potentially fail in the future. 

Developing a wellness program not only helps your employees, but it also helps your business. A happy employee is a GREAT ASSET to any business.


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