Reasons that will convince you to Invest in UAE


World is full of amazing and exciting places to live, some are just good to visit while others are better to choose as a live in. Dubai isn’t just a decent place for living but great opportunity for property investment.

The world of United Arab Emirates is amazing with full of sunshine year-round, stunning beaches, enormous shopping malls, desert safaris and a breathtaking infrastructure like Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah. There are some of the exquisite assets in UAE that fascinate tourists with when they just ask for a memorable vacation.

In Dubai there is no property charge, you don’t need to pay to grant access, the purchasing method is exceptionally straightforward. You don’t need to be worry about any long-term consequences.

Here are few reasons that why to invest in the UAE Real Estate:

Great Investment Returns in Real Estate

There is a great window of opportunity for investors to invest in UAE market where property prices are still comparatively low. The fascinating places of Dubai makes it a New York of the Middle East by comparing the high-end leisure amenities and business facilities they offer with offering a surpassing location and cost.

A million Dollar invested on 146 sq/mile property in Dubai against a 25.1 property in London and New York couldn’t be compared. Just with the enormous increasing in number of tourists and consequent demand for residential and rental properties in Dubai. These all are expected to hike in the coming year, this seems quiet surprising for new investors.

Growing Tourism, thus makes it a Stronger Economy

We are just ahead to Dubai expo 2020 and, many job seekers, Entrepreneurs and enormous businesses are rushing toward Dubai, this tends to cash in the revenue expected from visitors.

In Dubai’s Expo 2020, the area alone is expecting over 20 million tourists from all round the Globe, which are about to generate 8 million more visitors than what are now. According to sources WTTC the tourism sector added about 8.4 % of GDP which is around 117.4 billion dirhams in U.A.E economy. The seems that the employment opportunities will rise; about 369,000 job openings are expected by end of 2024.

Free zone Area for Foreigners

For investing in Dubai there is free zone area, there no such laws implemented for foreigners, you don’t need to be a U.A.E citizen or don’t even need a residency visa. Since 1999, Dubai has started allowing foreigners to buy property in U.A.E. This will tend to increase their economy. In the real estate sector, you can invest in property for free zone area without having any permit.

Most of the foreigners have invested in commercial sector and as well as in residential units and have leased the property out. This action turns their money to a good investment return and whenever they just visit to collect their rental revenue, Moreover, buying a property in UAE worth more than 500,000 AED just because this makes you eligible for residency visa in Dubai.

No need to Pay Taxes

While investing in UAE don’t worry about any tax fees, Dubai is completely tax-free. No tax fee is charged upon you, whether you buy an office space, retail unit or an apartment or residential Villa in UAE.

Low traffic

Whenever you are deciding for a living space, office, or any other facilities, it would be wise to think about the traffic too. There are number of luxurious locations in this city where you can comfortably live without getting worried about the traffic issues. This tend to enhance the quality of life in the home. Addon, you get to save a lot due to the low fuel expenses.

Just with the availability of low traffic, one can conveniently go anywhere without much discomfort. Alongside, the neighborhood becomes much safer for the kids in case if you have any.

Great Demand for Housing

Making Investment in real estate, especially in Dubai, the upcoming years could give better underlying opportunity of multiplying their fortunes, as the country is expecting a huge number of visitors in coming future.

Buying furnished apartments on short-term leases, commercial spaces or affordable hotel apartments now is the best time to invest in, it would remain in high demand and be a safe and great investment.

All this means that finally you can start investing in real estate by getting in touch with an agency to find the luxury Dubai houses for sale. The professionals will help you complete the process getting the ownership of the space.

Finally, we conclude that the luxury in Dubai lifestyle never ends. You just need to find the right people and right opportunity to provide all that you desire.


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