Revealed! Why your business should be using promotional products


Passing on promotional products? You’re probably missing out on huge numbers of potential clients. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only big name brands use promotional products in their business marketing – even small to medium-sized businesses can capitalise on the instant attraction that potential clients have on branded merch.

Driving up customer numbers doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive, you can draw the attention of potential clients with some simple, yet clever promotional items. Companies such as specialise in high quality items for all kinds of businesses, check them out if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Still not convinced? Read on to discover why your business should be using promotional products.

The cost is minimal

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of the staggering cost of marketing. When businesses just like yours are all fighting for elbow room on social media pages and on the high street, it’s easy to think that throwing huge amounts of money at your marketing strategy will make all the difference. While a carefully structured marketing plan will certainly give your business momentum if you’re just starting out, every penny counts. From pens and keychains to t-shirts, towels and even bags and hats, you can get huge amounts of promotional items for a low price!

Promotional products allow you to advertise everywhere

It’s one thing to advertise with a beautiful shop sign, or push sponsored ads on social media however it’s argued that promotional products have a much bigger reach than their traditional marketing counterparts. When you’re providing products such as pens, pencils, magnets, USB sticks, calendars, water bottles and glassware, your business is no longer limited to shopping hours and social media scrollers – it’s in people’s homes. This puts it in the forefront of people’s minds. Provide a client or a visitor to a trade show with a bag with your logo printed on it and chances are thousands of other people will see it too!

They help you build brand recognition

We’re all familiar with the golden arches, the Apple logo…you don’t even need to see the text to recognise what they are or what they sell. That’s instant brand recognition. Yes, your business may be in the fledgling stages, but it’s never too early to begin building brand recognition and getting your logo and mission statement out there. Promotional products help you do just that. Whether your logo is on t-shirts, the uniforms your staff wear, drinkware or even hand sanitiser bottles, it’s all contributing to the acknowledgement your business needs to succeed.

And finally, it helps build customer loyalty

When you provide freebies in the form of promotional products, you’re highlighting your business as one that is generous and one that cares about its clients. In addition, the quality of your promotional products reflects the care and consideration you put into your business, which means more clients are likely to return to you again and again. In short, it keeps first-time buyers coming back!


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