Reward Your Team with These Cool Employee Gifts


A little appreciation goes a long way. Your employees will work much harder if you reward their effort from time to time. Consider it a “thank you” for their hard work. Nobody likes to toil away without as much as a thank you. It’s demoralizing. We all like to feel appreciated, so if your team has gone the extra mile lately, now is an excellent time to reward their hard work and dedication to the cause with the following great employee gift ideas.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a quick and easy way to reward one or more employees. There are dozens of gift cards to choose from, including gift cards for high street stores and online retailers, music downloads, and even coffee shops. It shouldn’t be too difficult to match a gift card with a person. There are even gift cards that can be used at more than one retailer, so this is a no-brainer. Choose the amount and credit the money to a gift card.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of one gift, the lucky recipient is sent multiple gifts over an extended period. There are many different subscription boxes to choose from, including chocolate, coffee, and even Auster vaping collections. Think about the type of gift box that your recipient will enjoy the most and then place your order.

Weekend Minibreak

Everyone loves a mini break, especially if it includes a trip to a luxury spa hotel somewhere scenic. A mini break is the perfect reward for an employee who has gone the extra mile. Gift them a night or two in a nice hotel, so they can relax with a loved one and enjoy some R&R away from the grind of work. They will return to work rejuvenated and refreshed, not to mention very happy to be so appreciated.

Gift Experiences

Gift experiences are a bit different, but they make awesome employee gifts. Again, you can choose from unlimited gift options, from a ride in a high-powered sports car to a hot air balloon trip. Since there are so many gift experiences available, it shouldn’t be too hard to match a suitable gift to a lucky recipient.

You can even give gift experiences to a team as well as an individual, so rather than sending just one person on a hot air balloon ride, send the whole team.

A Day’s Paid Vacation

Everyone is happy to take an extra day’s holiday, so if your employees have been working super hard, reward them with an extra day’s paid leave that they can take whenever they like. It’s the perfect reward for hard working employees.

Other rewards worth considering include buying donuts or pizza for everyone, paying for a meal out for the team, or buying everyone drinks at the end of a tough week. The important thing is not to let hard work go unrewarded. Even a simple “thank you” is better than saying nothing.


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