Secretary of State Bev Clarno Releases Third Annual Audit Plan for 2020-21


Secretary of State Bev Clarno published the 2020-21 Audit Plan, which includes a full listing of the performance, financial and IT audits scheduled to be conducted in the coming year.

This is the third annual audit plan released for the Oregon Audits Division, and the first to be published under Secretary of State Bev Clarno.

“I am proud of the work that the Audits Division does on a daily basis,” said Secretary Clarno. “The audits identified in the 2020-21 Audit Plan took careful consideration and reflect the diverse needs and interests of Oregonians. The Audits Division has proven their skills and professionalism time and time again by identifying ways the state can improve efficiency, save money or keep Oregonians safe.”

The plan includes a comprehensive list of audits as well as an explanation of the Audits Division’s risk assessment process, a general overview of the division and a full accounting of the division’s functions, capabilities, and skills.

Read the full 2020-21 Audit Plan on the Secretary of State website at




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