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Shepherd’s House Ministries is launching a bold new campaign to make a powerful impact on chronic homelessness in Central Oregon. Our goal is to foster a transformational movement in the lives of the hurting, broken, and addicted and to deeply engage our community in that process. By intentionally stepping into the lives of the most vulnerable, we are helping to change the way the homeless are viewed and served in this community and beyond.

We know that drug abuse, alcoholism, broken homes, mental illness, and domestic violence are the primary causes of homelessness and always lead to devastated individuals, families and communities. We know that homelessness is everywhere we look. Homeless camps are more visible and widespread than ever and it is commonplace to see people sleeping in open spaces and begging on street corners.

We likely each know someone who struggles in these areas and we know the pain and tragedy it brings. This is what compels us to work to make a tangible difference for every person who walks through our doors, because we know they each have infinite value. In recognizing that, not only are their lives greatly impacted, but our lives are greatly enriched.

No single organization can effectively address the growing needs of the most vulnerable in Central Oregon. Our campaign is determined to work in partnerships and collaboration with the Central Oregon community to help leverage existing resources and multiply the impact we are able to have on the homeless community.

By partnering with individuals, the local medical and mental health community, as well as other county services, businesses, and the local church, we have a huge opportunity to be effective in addressing the unique challenges facing the hurting and broken in Central Oregon.
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