Six Ways to Take Control of the Food You Eat and Make Healthier Choices


Most people have heard of the saying “you are what you eat” and while that typically gets used in reference to one’s weight, it can actually go much deeper than that. Making healthy food choices is something that anyone of every age and weight should be conscious of.

Healthy eating is said to be the foundation of good health in a person. It can help a person to maintain a healthy body weight, help your body to work at the optimal levels, and even help to fight and prevent various illnesses and diseases. Healthy food choices can help your mood and your energy levels as well, and who can’t benefit from that?

If you’ve been noticing your eating habits are less than ideal, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it or where to start, then these five tips are meant for you. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can take control of the food you eat and make healthier choices.

Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

There’s no better way to take control of where your food comes from and what chemicals may be used on them then by growing your very own fruits and vegetables. You can pick the vegetables that grow best in your region, that you enjoy the most, and are the most versatile. Another bonus in growing your own food is that you’ll be saving money at the supermarket.

Rather than just planting the garden in the middle of the yard, you may want to take a more professional approach and look at hoop house frames so you can build your own greenhouse. A greenhouse can help your crops to grow faster, bigger, and stronger, and it will protect them from inclement weather.

Protein is Your Friend

When it comes to what to pick at the supermarket, remember that protein is your friend. You’ll want to include a mix of proteins such as fish, poultry, beef, lamb, and pork. Baking, roasting, grilling, and broiling are the healthiest ways to cook your proteins, and you’ll want to cut out the heavy sauces and fats. Instead, experiment with different spices to create a rich flavor profile.

Remember It’s All About Balance

Just like with many things in life, healthy eating is all about balance. You don’t want to overload on any one food group. Instead, aim for a well-balanced diet. This means a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables (leafy greens and brightly colored veggies), proteins, grains, and dairy. By eating a well-balanced diet, you will be more apt to get your share of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Cut Back on Sweets, Oils, and Fats

Just as you want to bulk up on the healthy choices, you also want to cut down on sweets, oils, and fats. Sure, there’s no harm in having some here and there, but these won’t do your body any good. These types of things can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, some forms of cancer, high cholesterol, and more.

Start Shopping using a List

If you’re like many people, you head to the grocery store and find yourself swayed by what looks delicious at the time. It’s a good idea to start shopping from a grocery list and not find yourself making impulse buys.

To do this, it helps if you make a menu for the week, then jot down the items and ingredients you’ll need to make those dishes. Not only will this prevent you from buying items that aren’t necessarily healthy, it can also save you money on your grocery list since you will only buy what you need.

Experiment with Different Recipes

The words “healthy eating” can often cause people to turn down their nose and feel less than excited. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t taste great. It may just be that you need to experiment a bit with different flavors and recipes.

There are all kinds of websites and apps dedicated to providing people with delicious, simple, and healthy recipes that you can check out. Why not make it a challenge and aim to try one new recipe per week?

Healthy Eating Can Be Easy and Tasty

These tips will help you to take control of your eating and make it possible to start making healthier choices that leave you feeling your absolute best. Once you get into the habit of healthy eating, you’ll find it’s really not that difficult at all.


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