Have a Smooth Summer: Lasting Hair Removal


Hair removal is an ongoing issue for both women and men. It is often a daily struggle to maintain smooth body parts. Wardrobe decisions often revolve around shaving schedules, especially in the summer when swimsuits are worn. Discomforts can arise from shaving and waxing, leaving unpleasant marks and redness. These side effects can be uncomfortable, as well. It often takes several days for irritation of sensitive areas to calm down. After all of this trouble, the results are only temporary. This forces a repeat of these methods on a regular basis. A smooth and comfortable summer starts with laser hair removal.


Long Term Remedy

Most hair removal procedures are temporary. Shaving often needs to be done daily during the months where clothing is more revealing. Waxing must also be done every few weeks, with a break in between to grow hair. Many women are very self-conscious about their body hair, leaving them hesitant to wear many of their favorite outfits. Men also can be uncomfortable with excess body hair and enjoy a smooth feel. Men that are on swim teams often require extensive hair removal to improve performance. Daily or monthly routines are not optimal for these situations. The main goal of hair removal at Dore Aesthetics, is to make your smooth skin last. This is done by implicating the most modern version of laser hair removal.


How it Works

Laser hair removal is a process that delivers and intense light to the hair follicles. This is effective on the premise that hair is usually many shades darker in color than the skin. The hair attracts the laser light energy and heats up faster than the skin. This procedure is intended to damage the hair follicle, resulting in the loss of the hair. The skin remains intact due to the focused nature of the heat. The hairs do not grow back, as the follicle is permanently removed. It may take several sessions to achieve results on an entire area.


A Carefree Summer

Your summer can be much less stressful once you begin a laser hair removal schedule. You can unpack your shorts and swimsuits now that you are gaining the confidence of smooth skin on a daily basis. There is no more need to worry about last minute invitations to the pool or beach. You can always be ready to go with no hair removal maintenance necessary. Think about how much time you can save on shaving in the mornings. You can simply throw on your favorite shorts and head out for a day of fun in the great outdoors. Your legs, underarms, and bikini line are always ready for any clothing choice after the laser procedure is completed.


Body hair is something that we learn to remove early in our adolescent years. Cultural implications have led many to be uncomfortable showing an amount of hair. Some people even have unusually thick hair that does not respond well to shaving or waxing. There are many reasons to choose laser removal. The long-lasting effect is the best feature of laser hair removal, however. You are sure to shine this summer with consistently smooth skin.




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