Software & Services You Must Use When Operating a Pool and Spa Business


The pool and spa business sector is thriving, but it is also incredibly competitive; so whether you are selling these lifestyle products, or operating a business which offers pool access and spa treatments, it’s really important that you, and your manager(s) o that applies, are completely in the top tech loop.

Pools and spas are places people go to relax and unwind – they want a calm, peaceful environment to be in, with relaxed staff and a good atmosphere, not a frantic and high-stress space. In this digital age it’s really not viable to run a pool and spa business without the support of particular software and other services, at least not if you want to stay ahead of your competition. We totally appreciate that anyone without any direct experience or knowledge of the types of software and services out there could easily feel overwhelmed by this kind of task, which is why this handy guide to what’s on offer, and how it could benefit your pool and spa business, has been created.

Specialized software services

When you choose to use special software, such as Evosus swimming pool software, which is designed specifically to suit your business you may be surprised by how quickly it becomes invaluable – allowing you to view, manage and even improve all aspects of your company, so you are operating completely efficiently, and not experiencing undue stress. A decent system will sync software in the cloud, making it easy or you to access it from any fixed or mobile device, 24/7.

The general overall functions of any decent spa and pool software service are all intended to help to:

  • Attract new clients to your business
  • Manage bookings efficiently
  • Create or retain customer loyalty
  • Increase customer spend
  • Control stock
  • Manage staff
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • Store data securely

Below we look in more detail at exactly how these goals can be easily realized.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help grow your business

The most obvious way this happens is by boosting your online visibility, which over a period of time will help present your business as fully trustworthy. Even if you have a physical store outlet you can’t afford to miss out on the extended audience you can reach online.

Use specialist software to offer a review system, and things like referral programs. These all help boost your Google rankings too, making it easier for future customers to find you.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help improve your booking system

Most pool and spa business owners will be all too familiar with no-shows, late cancellations, or missing out on a last moment booking because there was nobody around to take the call for it, which is why having dedicated online booking software in place can transform the way you run things.

Customers can make appointments 24/7 a day, instantly and without taking time away from your busy business day. This can be integrated into your website and/or your social media platform accounts – and as booking is so easy and convenient to do more people will be likely to do it. If you choose to reward loyal customers you could look for options such as loyalty point tracking, or schedule random exclusive offers for those signed up.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help boost customer confidence in your business

Options such as online booking systems or direct messaging create a professional look and feel to your business, naturally invoking a higher level of trust and confidence which is vital if you want newcomers to share personal and financial data with you online.

Another positive aspect of this kind of software service is the facility to store and manage customer information, such as their birth date for sending targeted special offers, or tracking previous purchases so you can upsell based on their proven tastes. Customers do tend to appreciate personal touches like this.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help increase the turnover of your pool and spa business

One of the biggest issues with cash flow is when business is carrying too much excess stock. At worst this creates the need to rent extra storage space, or the items held deteriorate in quality before they can be used, at best having a large amount of cash sitting on shelves and in cupboards means there’s less in the business to use to create positive growth opportunities.

Dedicated software makes it easier to know what stock you do have in hand, and makes it easier to monitor which items are actually popular. By stocking up on the items people want to buy your turnover naturally increases, and you lose the dead weight of surplus stores. You don’t even need to worry about running out of anything as the right software system will monitor things, and automatically order items as they are needed. During quieter periods some software can also be set up to contact previous customers with intelligent marketing offers based on their previous interactions with your business.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help boost staff productivity

If your business involves creating staff rosters you can use software to streamline the process, and also allow employees access to do things like book in vacation time, swop shifts and so on. Other useful functions of some pool and spa business software include automatic solicitations for staff reviews from customers, options to monitor sales and bookings by each employee, and generally monitor all aspects of staff performance.

How specialized pool and spa business software can help create a secure data storage option

Security of both personal and financial data is paramount to both current and potential customers, so if you are taking payments via bank transfers or debit/card payments it’s vital to be 100% sure of the safety of your site.


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