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Sol Raiz Organics specializes in an heirloom variety of Maca, a root vegetable from Peru that resembles a beet or radish. It is owned and operated out of Bend and Lima, Peru by Ken and Sol Stittsworth. Chacon Maca, named after their colleague Dr. Gloria Chacon is notable for its medicinal and therapeutic value.

Ken was first introduced to the superfood back in 2005 during a family trip to Peru. While in the Andes, it was described to them as “Incan warrior food.” The medicinal and therapeutic properties of Chacon Maca have been passed down through generations. It’s a powerful adaptogen with properties working to customize optimal functionality in your body. In other words, it can help you achieve homeostasis. Besides the 30+ vitamins and minerals present, it boasts four unique alkaloids that are scientifically shown to stimulate the HP Axis. In doing so, you activate your master glands, stimulating the entire glandular and endocrine system. This regulates hormones, replenishes the adrenals and aids fatigue.

Sol Raiz Organics is a leader in the rapidly changing health & wellness industry. Inspired by Patagonia’s sustainable business model, they have differentiated themselves by focusing on responsible business practices. They were established in Southern California in 2006 with an emphasis on quality assurance. Sourced from a single plantation and non-GMO verified, Sol Raiz Organics has not only carved out a niche in the marketplace, but served a loyal customer base for well over a decade.

They recently wrapped up their Pacific Northwest tour, passing on the knowledge of their product’s healing properties. “The best part of the business has been bridging the gap between grower and consumer,” says Ken. Working with large national chains over the years has given their brand exposure in leading markets and a reputation for the best, “but the real value lies in ongoing, personal relationships forged in each community we work with,” says Ken. “We’ve never had an account we haven’t personally visited to greet the staff, discuss the product and brand, as well as connect with the community.”

Over the last few months, they began business with dozens of accounts in the Pacific Northwest, including key local accounts to make the product line accessible in Bend. The diversity in accounts allows different demographics to harness the power of the Maca root. They can be found at Market of Choice, Westside Pharmacy, and now even Thump Coffee. In a collaborative effort, Thump is now featuring a new paleo Maca Mocha muffin that is both super healthy and tasty; it goes great with their premium coffee selection.

Chacon Maca is safe and highly effective. Sol Raiz Organics is committed to the health and wellness of their community, bringing a little gift from the Andes to the Cascades.


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