Why you should use solvent ink for your business printing


When considering your business printing needs, you might not take into account the type of ink you choose. It is important to avoid complacency over this decision, since the ink will determine how well a particular print run performs in its intended environment.

There are several ink iterations available, and in many cases solvent ink will be the optimal choice. Here is a look at why that is the case.


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Some inks are susceptible to degradation, fading and dilution over time if exposed to the elements. These less durable variants are usually water-based and so cannot be classed as ideal for many business applications.

Solvent ink is particularly hard wearing and resilient in comparison. It can brave rain, sleet and snow over long periods and will not fade when perpetually pummelled by the sun’s rays. The surface of a solvent ink is also tougher than you might expect and will avoid abrasions that could leave lesser alternatives looking shabby.

Thanks to these attributes, solvent-based solutions like roland ink can be impactful when used for outdoor signage, advertisement hoardings, banners and much more besides.


If you are planning a large print run for your business or are working to a deadline, it makes sense to take drying time into account.

Solvent ink is ahead of the field in this respect, with its chemical makeup ensuring that it does not take long to become fixed after application.

The fact that it is not water-based also comes into play here, since it can adhere to materials that are not naturally absorbent. In terms of convenience there is arguably no better ink to select for your business printing needs.


The print industry generates almost a trillion dollars a year and the question of its eco-friendliness is often raised. Even with recycling rates on the rise, there are other concerns about the environmental impact of printed materials that relate to the ink itself.

With sustainable formulations of solvent ink available today, you can be sure that the printing you invest in for your business is not likely to cause undue ecological harm.

This is not just an important advantage from an ethical perspective; it is also something that environmentally conscious customers will be pleased to see your business taking onboard.


Ink is famously expensive, costing more than vintage champagne by some accounts. That does not mean that such expenses are unavoidable, if you know the secrets of the industry.

Turning to solvent ink is one such solution to your printing budget issues, since it can be supplied by reputable third party manufacturers and used in compatible systems without requiring you to turn to the original supplier of the equipment itself.

If you are tired of paying a premium for ink and putting up with OEM asking prices, the perfect solution could lie with solvent ink. So next time you need something printed, remember to think about the ink before you commit.


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