Stories from Successful Startups: What You Can Learn from Them


Learn where others have failed, and you will never have to make an old mistake. Learn from where they have succeeded, and you will be able to better steer your efforts towards fruitful endeavors. Either way, knowing the most success stories of the year can help any entrepreneur make better predictions on the future trends that will take the world by storm.

There are new start-ups beginning every day, and each one has the potential to change society as we know it. You don’t have to be a programmer, and you don’t have to focus on the tech-world, either. There are successful and inspirational start-ups from around the world, and learning about them can help you understand the current economic climate and make more accurate predictions on the future society is leaning towards. Some start-ups offer answers to technological dilemmas, others offer a new way of living in the world, all are built for the future:


DeepMap is a start-up initiative created by some former Google employees, and aims to help self-driving cars “see” the road. It’s the only company of its kind that is focussing on creating the maps of the future, and has secured an impressive $32 million USD from investors, of which include Andreessen Horowitz, an American venture capital firm with ties from smart cars to space exploration.

Take Away: Rather than being passive, be active. Try to find empty markets in the future of tech to fill before anyone else can get there.


Brandless is a packaged goods company that sells food sans branding. What might be the bigger selling point, of course, is the $3 price tag on all of their products. The notion is that what consumers want isn’t branding, but a good price and quality products. This start-up caters to millennial minimalism and has an impressive $50 million USD in funding from investors like Google Ventures.

Take Away: Know how the future lives – a move towards simplicity, sustainability, and closed-loop production for a better, greener world.


Self-driving cars are coming, and they will once again change how we live. Voyage might not have launched yet, but it’s potential has been noted by several venture capital firms. Voyage’s premise is to build a fleet of self-driving taxis for efficient and affordable travel. They are currently working on adding voice commands so that riders can have the vehicle stop, play music, and listen to certain voice commands.

Take Away: Know the future and plan with it. You can create a reasonable business model by partnering with other developers, allowing you to create a business without the research and development.


The phone has connected us with the world at large, as it has done since its inception. Essential has promised a new iteration to the phone evolution. Created by Andy Rubin, the original creator of Android who then sold his creation to Google. Since leaving Google, he has been working on his own creations. The Essential Phone has over $330 million USD in backing, creating a future that looks promising.

Take Away: Move away from planned obsolesce and plan instead to create durable creations that are user-friendly through and through.

Learn from those who have succeeded. Learn from those who have failed. Learn, and be a better entrepreneur.


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