Structural Engineers-How and Why They Bring You Value


If you know a thing about building or construction you know just how much goes into it and how many different moving parts there are that need to come together to make the various stages and phases of building come together in a quality finished product.

Architects and contractors are the most widely used construction professionals and often get most of the credit for building out your dream home. There are however other professionals that are just as valuable to the overall process.

If you have ever had damage to your home or other buildings that you own, you will probably have searched for a structural engineer near me.

There are other reasons to call in a structural engineer other than damage due to storms and natural disasters.

1. Structural Engineers Are Knowledgeable

Structural Engineers are highly knowledgeable about structural systems, damage forensics, home foundation repair and residential foundation inspections. They go through specialised training in college and includes civil engineering focus, architectural drawing, and a huge focus on survey skill and mathematical skills. Structural Engineers generally have the following skills/degrees:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
• Five-year internship prior to becoming officially licensed

2. Structural Engineers Can Assess & Remediate

A structural engineer uses his or her training to come out to a property to assess possible damage due to external forces like wind, gravity, and any other environmental factor that exerts force on a home, commercial property, or other type of building or structure.

A structural engineer can identify early stage issues that may cause larger problems down the road and give you remediation recommendations before things spiral out of control.

For example, if you have a small crack in your foundation it may not pose an imminent threat to the structure of your home today but over time, left unattended to, it could cause structural damage that could threaten the safety and security of your home.

3. Structural Engineers Advise and Report

A structural engineer can pull all your home or building’s structural data into a report with priority fixes, recommendations and adivse for your builder, contractor or architect. This is especially helpful if you in the market to purchase an existing home.

If you are buying or selling a home having an independent non-biased structural engineer come out to perform a full assessment of the property is highly recommended. You don’t want to purchase a home that has unknown structural surprises that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars after you sign on the dotted line.

As you can see structural engineers provide extremely valuable information about the structure of your home, possibly issues related to it and any other buildings or properties that you may own.

They are knowledgeable and can assess, remediate, and advise possible solutions to issues and come in extremely handy when entering any type of real estate sales contracts.

You will want to find a trusted and experienced structural engineer in your area to take on the important task of assessing your home. Take the time to search online, get recommendations from family and friends and ensure you are hiring someone you trust.


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