Switchblade Flying Car Ready for Takeoff in Smithsonian Magazine


(Photography by John Lee Pictures)

Samson Motors, Inc. of Prineville is featured in the May Issue of Smithsonian, in the article, The Future of Cars is Already Here. The entire issue focuses on the future, showing how science fiction is becoming reality.

“We are so honored to be featured prominently in a magazine of Smithsonian’s caliber and reputation – reaching millions of readers,” said Samson Founder and CEO Sam Bousfield. Per the magazine itself, Smithsonian.com “…celebrates the creators, innovators and idea-makers who drive us forward to the future.”
Bousfield comments on this, saying that as an inventor, his goal is to help create vehicles of the future. “For years people have been dreaming of having flying cars. We feel that we can bring them that future.”

“Everywhere we go, people tell us that if we get the Switchblade flying, they’re getting a pilot’s license. They don’t want to miss out,” added Larry Moore, community relations for Samson.
In the article, Jack Hitt, a renowned journalist and bestselling author, explores the cutting edge developments in today’s flying cars, drones and autonomous cars. Hitt traveled from Connecticut to Prineville to interview Bousfield and see the Switchblade in person.



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