How Technology is Creating a Global Workplace


The world of work is constantly changing and evolving, and technological innovations are the main driving factor behind this employment revolution. Many of the jobs that we do today simply didn’t exist in our parents’ generation, and the use of computers and the internet is now a central part of many jobs that were once done in a more antiquated, sedate fashion. The result is a wealth of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses across America, and modern web driven technology is also making it easier than ever before for companies to reach global markets and global employees.

Faster and More Efficient Exporting

As the world recovers from the global economic downturn, economies are growing across the world, bringing increasing prosperity for economies that were formerly struggling. This is most noticeable in countries such as China and India. The Indian economy is predicted to grow by around 7% in the next few quarters. These countries, and others across Asia, are producing a vast quantity of goods for export, but they also provide huge opportunities for overseas companies who export to them. One factor that is making exporting to Asian markets more attractive is the ease with which companies can now export goods there. Global freight movement is becoming quicker and more competitive, which in turn makes it more affordable, and companies from across America are now finding a ready market for their goods in Beijing, New Delhi and beyond.

Attracting the Best Employees from Across the Globe

A company’s most important asset is its employees, for it is their skills and productivity that drive profits onward. Until recently potential employees would have to come from a relatively small area around the area where the business has changed, or be prepared to move there, but that has now changed forever. Remote working technology means that in many jobs employees working from home can make a full contribution to their parent company, wherever they are based. The result is that businesses can now find the best person for their job, even if they work in another state or another country. The payment of salaries to overseas workers can be facilitated via worldwide wiring services or international online-based payment systems, making administering the payroll a simple and timely process.

Specialist Solutions at the Click of a Button

Whilst most employers prefer to use their own team for most daily tasks, there often comes a time when they need someone with skills outside of those possessed by their present employees. These tasks may include designing a logo or other corporate graphics, creating a new website, or translating current documents into another language in readiness for entering a new international marketplace. Hiring a freelancer can be the perfect solution to these intermittent needs, and there is a plethora of websites that allow employees to find a relevant and accomplished freelancer from anywhere across the globe. This creates a much bigger pool of talent for an employer to choose from, and it may result in significant savings when compared to finding and employing a specialist in their own locale.

Businesses in all sectors, and in all sizes, are finding that modern technology can increase their productivity and profitability, as well as allowing them to reach export markets quicker than ever before. With global customers and global employees now within the reach of any business, reaching out to them can give your company a competitive edge over rivals who remain rooted to their traditional way of working.


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