Technology: Ways It’s Changed and Its Effects On Home-Based Businesses


If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, you’ve seen the evolution of technology and how it has drastically changed the way we work today. In the past, businesses had to guess and use hunches to determine what their customers wanted and needed but not anymore… The way technology has advanced, businesses can use math to determine what their customers want and need but one of the biggest changes is that businesses no longer need to set up shop in one physical location for employees to work there.

Technology has made it so much easier to effectively communicate with managers, clients, and co-workers, regardless of their physical location, which in turn, creates more productivity within businesses. The wonderful advancements in technology has definitely made a huge impact for home-based business owners, especially. If you’re a home-based business owner, technology has made it possible for you to run your business from the comfort of your own home!

Now, how productive you are is totally dependent upon you. Technology provides you with the tools for success but you have to do your own part in setting yourself up for success. If you indeed are a home-based business, you have to make sure your home office is a productive work environment. From having your desk designed for productivity to hiring a nanny service to help watch your little ones, your business will only see success if you set yourself up for success.

Because technology has become such a huge part of how businesses have grown over time, it’s pretty safe to say that technology within businesses is only going to get better so the only thing you can do is embrace it. Take a look at how the advancements in technology have changed and will continue to change the way we work, especially with home-based businesses.

Technology has made it possible for us to connect with people all over the world

Ok, so this is something that everyone pretty much knows in various ways but home-based businesses are able to really benefit from it the most. As a home-based business owner, your computer is your ticket to communicating and interacting with people from all over the world, whether they’re customers, clients, or vendors. The awesome thing about the communication side of technology is not that it makes you a better communicator but the fact that there are many different ways to communicate with people.

Technology has made personalization a staple to enhance customer experience

For a physical store location, it’s fairly easy to give customers a great customer experience in a store. The employees can greet customers with smiling faces and guide them through the store to help them find whatever it is they need. With an online store, it’s not so easy to give customers that type of customer experience but nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that customers can’t have good customer experiences online… the approach is just a little different.

So how do you think a great customer experience came about for online businesses? By way of technology, of course! A great customer experience online is achieved in many ways. For example, there are wish lists that lots of companies have created to allow customers to save certain items that they want and plan to buy.

There are also product suggestions where companies are able to track what’s in a customer’s shopping car or on a customer’s previous purchases and suggest certain products for a customer based on that as well as personal information such as birthday and email.

Technology has made shopping easy and convenient for customers

Not too long ago, the only way customers could shop online was if they had access to a computer but now, tons of businesses are making access to their online store as simple as a few taps on your phone. Now, e-commerce hasn’t taken over shopping in physical stores but online shopping does make up around 10% of retail sales in America, according to the US Department of Commerce.

That may sound like a small number in the grand scheme of things but it holds its own weight in the retail world. Consumers are able to order anything from clothing to groceries with a tap or swipe and businesses who have made their websites accessible from any device are the true winners… they’re the ones whose businesses are reaping all the benefits of technology.


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