The Top Broadband Service Providers In The UK – How Do You Know?


Having trouble choosing your Broadband service provider. Let’s make this job easy and help you find the ISP ideal for your workability. In Britain, this market is becoming increasingly competitive. You will find a massive number of providers to cater to your needs but not all providers are reliable. 

When doing the broadband comparison UK these are a few names that are likely going to be on the top of the list with a promising reputation.   

  • BT Group: British Telecom is the oldest and covers a vast area of the UK for its services. The BT Group initiated its services in the year 1846 with telegraph communication. The company survived through thick and thins and stands a good reputation in the nation. 

BT Group offers reliable and affordable packages for small users who do not have intensive use of the internet with a download speed of 12-25Mbps. However, they deliver their services through fiber cables as well under their BT Infinity brand which is ideal for extensive users such as gamers, video streamers and much more. the speed could go up to 75Mbps which perfect to support heavy usage. Their contract length is from 12 -18 months duration.

  • EE Limited: This company is a part of BT Group and provides excellent service of both broadband and mobile communication connections. EE evolved as a joined venture of Orange and T-Mobile telecom in 2010, therefore, provides the best service in 4G throughout the UK. they are trying to outstretch their services in remote areas to make fast speed internet access available. 
  • Luminet: Sasha Williams founded this company in the year 2004. The connection is built on fiber optic cables, wireless technology and does not depend on an electronic exchange, ISP fiber optic and copper wires, thus owned everything independently. It is ideal for small businesses with cost-effectiveness and reliability.
  • Origin Broadband: The broadband service provider is the sixth-largest in the UK. the delivery of the service is done through copper wires, ADSL-2, FTTC, and wireless technology. It is the effort of two young students who tried to improve the efficiency of local internet service. They failed in the process but picked up on fame and quality throughout the UK. 
  • TalkTalk: This ISP is another independent connection builder for the consumers of the UK. it does not rely on other ISP fiber optic or phone exchange copper wires. The service is most suitable for limited users of the internet. Hefty users will not appreciate the service.

Virgin Media: Virgin Media is one of the best internet service providers and covers a vast area in the UK. The provider offers reliable and efficient broadband internet, mobile, landline and television services. Currently, they are working through phone exchange and FTTC (fiber to the cabinet) connections but intend to improve FTTP(fiber to the premises). This advancement will surely bring some great profits to the company and will benefit users with dazzling speed and amazing service. The small businesses and household users will be getting stressless connections very soon.


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